Hippy Happy Birthday Martha M

Some of you might not know MarthaM over at Diary of a recovered bulimic but she has forever more crept into my heart… what is better is the fact that she is turning 146 today folks!!! Partay time I am telling you!!!

Thank you for all that you do, helping so many people.  May the years to come be filled with nothing but warm smiles, laughter, happiness and love!

Martha, I know you know this song but its for you from us.

Now for the cake!

Ok so this was my attempt and as you can see I had to try again


then my second attempt


As you can see it shrunk some what… it was meant to be far bigger so I handed in my cake making hat and begged the pro’s to bake one for you… I told them you love chocolate and this is what they created!


Hope you have the best birthday ever!!!

From all of us to you



5 thoughts on “Hippy Happy Birthday Martha M

  1. Oh, thank you so much! I’ll be over in a little while and would like a piece from each one. Personally, I can’t decide if I like the first cake or second one better. The third one is a work of art, but the first two have more heart in them somehow! Thank you!!:D

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