Weekly Fruit Salad – αριθμό δεκαέξι

Greek once more this time for the number sixteen, repetition to honour a friend.   Small things add up really do add up, 1, 2, 3, soon become 100 [HELP], ok I am optimistic in the idea that I will not be fully gray by the time we reach that number. image

A lil something something about me which you all may not know.  Please, this is just between you and me (and I know people who know people that can vouch for this) but I have gone gray in the last month. I am gray and if I am not careful I’ll be inspiring Halftone Inspired Header’s. Weird? (that ones for you Sambo) Yeah I will deny this till I am blue in the face while I bow down to the Red-Nosed Spirits in The Mountain and hear the Call of the Smoke.  Pray be the Gods please Delete Focus, turn back the stressOclock! Mirror mirror on the wall, do you recognize the you that you see at all?

Look, I have decided, push comes to shove I am going to take the hair to the hair-doc-chopper tomorrow to give it a chop chop.  Can’t be having any Accidents at home no no most definitely not! Starbucks, Sticky Buns and Art versus Smoking time, what would Human Nature do? Is either Undefining Beauty?

dbrn324l10,000 Steps and Walking the tight rope of Zen while trying to Escape a Vampire of wanna-be-super (No one is perfect) proportions.  Gladius the vampire, hmm, does my existence on this earth matter to you? Perhaps it is Time to Signal Your Intentions and Say no to terrorism for the Love, for The Meaning of Life, say goodbye to Self Doubt, Awaken and Come Back To Life.  Lets put it this way, If Your Life Were A House … Would You Buy or Rent? Would it be in an Award Winning City?

The calm settles and Thoughts While I walked of Sky is Fallin’ Friend’s filtered through the brain cells.  Designing Your Dream can create a certain Humility bringing about ChangeThere are never any quick fixes in reality just a lot of hard work, living with an open heart, Compassion and Forgiveness.  The truth is that The light shines the brightest, you just have to allow it to shine.  Seek the Light and then ask yourself “Do You Miss Me?

Letting go to Start the Memoirs, an ideal, The Perfect Job, all makes me want  to start singing Mamma Mia, here I cry again like the Great Gig In The Sky with a Face in the Cloud. The “AmberWeather/Personality Theory doesn’t really touch that cloud or does it? So many questions floating around in my head.  Hell its no “The Dummy’s Guide To Destroying Your Computer” nor is a epoophany (Realization/inspiration occurring while seated upon the commode), who knows…

It’s not a sin to be different nor is it the The Death Penalty some make it out to be, so what, Ray Boltz is gay and happy! yes go put the word gay in that dictionary… don’t be surprised if it says happy. Perhaps being true to yourself means you are naturally happy? means you are gay? In that case I am gay! Deal with it and Judge Not… 

Bad Translations and the darker side of spirituality can all make life rather interesting to the point that even at times Religion can be funny

How Many Of You Are There? 

Like a Virgin I question a Women’s Idea of …Porn while reading Interesting facts about the human body and sex.  It’s been that kind of week, yes.  Makes me wonder what Advice I’d like to give the younger me, would I be able to understand The Heaven-Hell Love-Hate Rollercoaster Ride let alone the Definition of MANAGEMENT? Hmm the latter I doubt I ever will… Ladies, lets just stick with the Fantasy Bathroom

image Who Will Be Caesar? Is he Out of the Woods? Who knows but it is pertinent to feeling Freedom in the Unknown and living for the now.  What ever you do Mr Caesar take a little bit of advice from me.  As you travel The Road Not Taken make sure you listen to popular songs and chew on some bologna bubble gum or it may just be a “Quick! Pull my finger!” moment in a suddenly quiet room!!!

Ubuntu At An Iowa B & B? or perhaps The little girl in the blue house for whom I am lost for words. No I Won’t Let You Let Me Down the truth is You Are The Miracle In Your Life That Is The Miracle In Mine. Ubuntu.

How I love my wife should be published in The newspaper like this letter along with perhaps something along the lines of Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife.  You see Women are always right no matter what that Funny Keyboard says or implies.

End Notes:

Huge BIG congrats to Eric and wife Tessa and their Newest Member to their Family… yip a new cookie thief is born!

Also please be:


…and finally if you are looking for your wallet, it wasn’t me it was :


CLASSIFIEDS:  Go Moldy with an Anti-Theft Lunch Bag!

PUBLIC WARNING: Please Be vigilant at all times  and on the look out for this terrorist, a highly dangerous hitman, thank you.


Run Red Run as fast as you can

Thanks all for an incredible week, don’t quite know where it has gone but I look forward to the next with a big smile on my face all thanks to you. May the weirdness never end and the big yellow ball visit me some more!

Number of links… this time I was too lazy to count sorry


15 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad – αριθμό δεκαέξι

  1. wow! A really good one. But the best of all I have to say is the picture of the pigeon “how to shit on humans” *still laughing*

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