Midweek Announcements of great importance!

Phew I know I normally wait for the weekend and the salad but there is just SO much going and things to celebrate, save and party about.  I am sure there is so much more but my brain is spinning (yip and its only Wednesday!)



Hayden over at Persistent Illusion has launched her book “The Woman’s Relationship Bible: How I Converted a Romantic Atheist” which she has kindly offered to everyone as a free download.  I’m half way through it already and all I have to say is one word


  If you fancy getting wiser click on the below link and allow your mind to be blown away by its shear wowness




Amber reached the big 3-0 this week, no not MY bleep-0.  There have been 30,000+ times that people have been infected with her wisdom, light, love and humour not to mention inspiration.

A small secret, just between you and me… she doesn’t understand it… can you IMAGINE?

From us Amber we read your blog because you make us laugh, your warmth and spirit, your caring heart, your love, friendship, inspiration, wisdom, light and wit… that is the summarized version!

We *clink* to you and your 3-0!

May you never stop blogging because we love you!!!


S A V E  T H E  C O O K I E S !!!

 Cookie-monsterPROMO copy

If you are willing to take a few cookies into your homes please email Lindsey at cookiesmadenew@gmail.com with how much room you have and where she can send them.


9 thoughts on “Midweek Announcements of great importance!

  1. Glaize Loves you to huns

    Donstuff Thanks you, it is easy to care for these people, they are all one of a kind including you!

    Hayden This is your dream coming into a reality, I love it and so proud, can’t help going ape it is how I am. Lindsey is baking cookies and is trying to sell them before I steal them, which is highly probably seen as they are my staple diet at the moment!

  2. YUM, cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta make some choices for the biggest cookie lovers in my family….. so many good ones!!!!!!!!!

    Hayden! Way to go girl!!!!!!!! You are so brave at this endeavor, and I know that it is going to take you far and wide…… be ready for greatness!

    Amber: You really have NO idea why you would get all of those hits? You are a safe haven, your pictures, words and demeanor help people to feel comforted and heard, no matter what the topic. I can’t wait to be able to say I have had that many readers; it really is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  3. Yay for all of us… Lindsey I have already been planting cookie seeds for several people re: cookie gifts for christmas. 🙂 You should be receiving orders soon.

    Hayden go girlfriend go!!!!!

    As for me… Its just shocking 30,000 hits in 3 months. Thats insane really!

  4. I am scared to count how many YAY’s there were in here its AWESOME!!! Life is about celebration, each moment we live and breathe we must celebrate – what is life without warm fuzzies, love and happies?

    I want to do cookie orders for xmas tooz but I like to be different so my Xmas might be sooner than expected *shrug*

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