Weekly Fruit Salad ~ Nummer siebzehn

No you are not Dreaming, it is indeed Number Seventeen but in German. Sit back, relax and grab a slice of an award winning Sugar rush Apples Cheesecake, Any food but cookies (I have joined the CA … cookies anonymous yers).  Perhaps if you aren’t into the sweet stuff try out some Incinerated Chicken (Family Recipe), I hear it is a lot like KFC.  While doing all of this please make note of the Farting Etiquettes and read The Dummy’s Guide To The Basic Rules Of Blogging because you will choke on your food from laughing. Dogs Rock! – Church Wars!!!  No this is not one of those Annoying E-mails!!!!

image The secret ingredient

Don’t tell anyone, not a soul but Underneath Boston lies many mysteries, one of them being How not to catch a cab in NY. I didn’t want the secret to get out so that is Why I Never Told You… Makes me wonder if Grand Gestures are Becoming ExtinctSo Far it has been more than an interesting week don’t you? I am a Girls Without Shoes So very sad about Paul Newman… those eyes (admit it) really did bring A smile to my face!

image A bit of kiwi

Apologies for the latest of the hour, you can call me the Princess Witch Woman if you like, the delay was due to many adventures by a wondering insanity lost.  The excitement of today put me to sleep in order for it to come sooner. See I went to the post office today to get my birthday presents and other things from AMERICA!!! Whoohooo I told the lady at the counter that they were my presents she just started giggling, well I am a child with some things and my excitement was apparently obvious *shrug*.  She turned to me and said “Well now you must be be very loved and in their hearts”, it kind of blew me away.  For the record cookies are the Efficient Food!

My friend and I then went to the mall (just opposite) to get some supplies and a wander only to get a call from her parents who were also there about 10 minutes after we left.  The parents wanted to know if it was us that had just robbed the Woolworths with arms (the gun kind).  See two minutes after we had walked past that shop on our way out some aerosols decided to prance in there with big guns and hold it to ransom.  One of those moments you don’t want to add to the “Things to do before I die” list. So “Thank you Gods” we were out of there by then and “Thank you Gods” for keeping her parents out of that shop and just at the coffee shop outside it.  For those who know Somerset Mall, lets just say Joburg has hit die Kaap.  Aye it is all a bit like Movie Madness in real life without the TV show theme songs at that.

That said I am blessed that I do not face terror attacks every day. It’s all a bit like Finding a hero and losing another.  It makes us want to Revisit our roots and look at the Facts about everything, more importantly while not bitching about Bush – hey I have Zuma. 1, 2, 3 wash off the AIDS and get a new president.

image Sweet Fruit

I think the new parents need to be made aware of why they should Never Argue with Kids, the possible Protection dilemmas that could be faced and perhaps just know that Sometimes it helps to ask…   More importantly I feel that there should be National broadcasts put out about Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps).  It is a serious health risk!  I am being dead seriarse here!

Effective Love and if not effective there definitely won’t be any resting in peace.  Fact. Truth is it can’t all be Life Imitating Art, perhaps Darwin may have been correct! Ok ok perhaps that was a bit of Dog Crap Analysis but the truest thing for this year is the fact that for some Summer has come to an End.  Fear not it shall be returning again soon, just taking a cyclic holiday of sorts.

One hot topic is the M word, yeah that Marriage topic… it is hawt! I for one can not attest to this phenomena.   If the proverbial Dam Bursts leaving you with out that mask you wear each day it could quite possibly help make it A Marriage Made In HeavenLove and all the good things we always question at the best of times to the point that at times we can be shocked when She just keeps insisting on trusting and loving me – why??  Aye these questions do keep us busy, no? All I can say is something’s should just not be done or seen especially Seen on the street!!!

image A bit of passion

Sunday Secrets and more Interesting thoughts on Sex but who will truly know all the facts? One person is enough in this sentence might sound totally odd unless you think of the implications in a relationship (hawt topic remember).  Not everyone can be John H. Ericksson nor can they be the First man on Mars but looking out From the Other Side of the Cubicle everyone could be just that.

image A bit of good ol vitamin C

Signs, Symbols, and Seasons could bring about A Break on Things turning Sweet Revenge into Eternal Regret or reminding us of The feel of the once forgotten sun.  How we read these things and what we do with them is up to us. Some days it all feels a bit like times of testing but if we stick with it you will soon look within The Mirror of your Soul.  Sometimes we just have to say Just for today I am going to be Everything I Am, truth is I am because you are in truth One World, One SoulFormer Or Latter? it doesn’t matter, it just is.

Cleaning house and Learning To Say No is one of the greatest lessons in life, once learnt or realised it can be like a Full Moon Rising Over Crescent, it can be true Day & Night that lightens the load and brings you to “Quick! Pull my finger!” moments of joy. Its The Bounce of which There is no death.  Lessons yurgh but argh and then hmm followed by ahhh when we realise How to Live Fearlessly, how to Let things go, how to let people go, How to Live Your Dream and that we Hear that elusive voice within us. Truly live. From my life this is one of the most freeing experiences ever!

image The other Apples

Health Care and the Lie of Socialized Medicine… does it really bring about a Healthy body, healthy soul scenario or does it just add more stress?  Stick with friendship I say.  It comes in so many flavors, it can last forever and withstand the Holocaust. If you don’t believe me all you need to do is glance over AmberMoon’s Friendship Day to really feel it.

image Book Expozay

Hayden Tompkins from Persistent Illusion (yip the one and only) has released the much awaited for book that Dishes out the Secret to an Incredible Marriage! Head over there and get in on the scoop of the century!

image Travel – Japan

Japan has always been a bit of a mystery, in a sense China over shadows it not only in size but also in products and media.  The elusive Japan though has captivated me this week with images that kidnap me and whisk me off in true Peter Pan fashion. a Taste of adventures in Japan…

image Words for the week

conflictipated (adjective) seriously unable to make a decision due to too many conflicting choices; indecisive to the point of pain

sleepiphany (noun) Inspiration or problem-solving solution that pops into the brain as one is falling asleep or beginning to wake up.

strawphylactic (noun) The little piece of paper that a server leaves on the end of a straw when a non-alcoholic drink is brought to you.

caninus elephantitus (noun) A little dog that thinks he’s a big dog.

The Ending

This salad is extremely long I know, apologies.  From next week there will be a different format, this week was just too good and naturally I partly blame you guys.  From now on, instead of me just putting in all the posts I and others enjoy I will be putting in fewer links with more meat. Apologies and thank you for an incredible incredible week!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad ~ Nummer siebzehn

  1. Wow, what a great compilation. I did not know about the release of Hayden’s book until today. Yippy for the advertisement! Where ever do you get the energy and compassion to put these together each week. Lately, I can barely post twice a week! You’re just incredible sis. P.S. I received a piece of South Africa Saturday! Is that not the coolest thing? I’m the envy of my humble home, with rolling eyes and all. I’ll email the details. PLL, CordieB.

  2. Cordie am so glad! Lol you tell em eyerollers that it went via cheetah post and then see their looks! Glad you enjoyed the salad and yers new things in store for next week!

    Joy I don’t know either, I close my eyes and pray it comes out all right each week always wondering where I went wrong. Thank you huns, glad you enjoyed!

  3. Wow, you amaze me each time there’s a new serving! I always refer here to see what I’ve missed. Thanks so much! How you managed to pull it all together, I’ve no idea 😀

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