Hippy Happy Biffday Mssc54!

Yip you got it, Mssc54 is having a biffday today and we thought (my coconspirators and I) it would be nice to whip out the family album and show you all a few highlights through the years.

We’ll start with a baby picture, as you can see in this one he wasn’t amused back then either.  In all honesty and just between you and me, I wouldn’t be either, I mean firstly check out the hair and then what on earth did his mother dress him in??? Then to take the cake there is this elephant thing with an umbrella in the back ground trying to hit him on the head.  Can’t blame him at all…


(below) Teenage years were a riot, he used to see the country by hitching rides with random truck drivers.  He remembered their names by the signs on the sides.  Does anyone else notice the shirt?


(below) Partay animal extreme his main party attire was his cute goofy shirt that set off his eyes and ears.  Boy could this man dance and was often seen pulling out the moves on the dance floor till the wee hours of the morning.  Don’t you just lurv that shirt!


(top right) That was when all things kind of did a 360, he went from goofy shirt to hello mamma… yes he met the woman of his dreams.  This is a snap that I managed to bribe someone for of him all happy with warm fuzzies and in lurv…

Can you blame him? I mean she is a supermodel! (below)


(below left) Suddenly he was seen walking around all Hollywoody with the shades and the hanky… man did he style! [Metrosexual? I mean it even looks like his hands have been manicured!]


(top right) For years he has searched every cupboard in the house, searching high and low for his favourite partay shirt but to no avail.  He was often spotted sitting outside in the rain speaking to the rain drops and asking them to return his shirt.  Now what he doesn’t know this, but his wife destroyed his Partay shirt (yip his favourite goofy one) – our secret ok!

Now the one thing Mssc54 can’t stand to do is pose in front of a camera and wait while the photographer works out how to use the darn thing!  Here is his classically typical pose.  You can so just see what is going on in his mind “why me God?!”… My question is… what is with that pink shirt??? (below left)


(top right) In order to combat the pinkness of all his photos he decided to hire a real photographer, one that knew about the on button and how not to put fingers in front of lense, and got him to take some real manly photos… [least we know he has a full set of toofs right?]

Him playing the cards with his friends, people just love him to bits! (below)


No that is not a police jumper it is rather a home made knitted one by Antie Lisbet (below left).  Back to the cards, he wasn’t so good at it though he would never admit it to anyone.  His wife was often seen trying to console him (below right)


Anyway’s moving along swiftly, below (left) you can see his three daughters with humans.  They were involved in a musical play of which they were the stars! [yes that is him in the yellow tie…]



(below left and right) Here you can see him cuddling his two kiddies that he and his wife adopted.  Cute as can be (the babies) … least he now knows why there are fewer bananas in the house, it aint me stealing!

(below left) As you can see he is not all grumpy face, he has been known to don the purple robe and monkey around with the younger generation.  Its actually more often than not but he won’t admit it [yes that is a purple robe you’re eyes aren’t failing you]


Yip that’s him (top right) just chilling after a quick game of footie (cause he is old) with the kids.  He’s just parking off thinking about his blog and what to write about next.

(below left) Here you can just see him thinking “Hmm Maybe Lindsey, Amber and Sanityfound are right after all” hmm oks maybe its just about lunch he looks kinda hungry if you ask me!


(top right) Yip thats him wishing that those very women would stop yacking him and that he’d get some lunch (come on he looks like he is craving cookies, yes???)


(top) A rare snap taken from the archives of him putting together one of his legendary posts *bows to the master blogger*

(below left) “Im not gonna and you cant make me read another one of Amber’s Sex posts!” followed by the stern “Im not amused face” (below right)


(below left) Yip thats him chatting to a Dude (seen on left) pointing to the women and warning him about them, “yers they might look shweet but don’t you be fooled young man… they are evilllllll!”


(top right) Hah I paid good money for this one I have you know! Yeah and Mssc54 didn’t think I would find this photo of him and the Dude! *laughs out loud* hey decided to go all “Men in Black” one day for a shoot… Quite cute if you ask me!

… and so Mr Mssc55, brother, chimp, monkey…

We wish you an amazing


We hope you enjoy your specially delivered cake and pray that the monkey didn’t blow out the candles for you (he has a slight erm splatter problemo)


And because we know how yummy the cake we now hand over our gift to you (mainly because you are the prime cookie thief) for those few “after 50 pounds”


May you have a blessed day filled with nothing but happy memory making moments, love, laughter and more fun!

From All of us to You


14 thoughts on “Hippy Happy Biffday Mssc54!

  1. WOW! Thanks for the effort.

    I told the Mrs. we should keep the doors locked. No wonder I couldn’t find the cherished Family Photo Album.

    I can’t believe I took a three hour nap this afternoon!

    I sure am looking forward to that home made red velvet cake. I usually have oatmeal cake but changed it this year.


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