Weekly Fruit Salad ~ संख्या अठारह

That folks is Hindi, fancy writing that looks like a pretty picture of sorts but stands for Number Eighteen.  Eighteen weeks of fruity bits and pieces and now a new format, fewer links, more sanity, even more insanity and a few sprinkles. 

How are posts selected?  Through out the week I read about 50 blogs (I’ve trimmed) through Google reader.  Every time I come across a blog post that is incredible I star it and when übber “blow me away” material I click share.  At the moment I have 5 other people who use Google reader sharing posts that they feel are worthy and incredible.

What’s incredible?  Content, thoughts, out of the box thinking, funny, out of the ordinary and just “wow” material

Want to get on the reader sharing? Send me an email sanityf@gmail.com and I’ll send you my username for sharing.  The more the merrier, there are so many blogs, so many posts, not all of us read the same people so it makes it interesting.  If you don’t use Google Reader but want to know more about it send me a mail as well and I’ll walk you through.

Is there a limit to the number of links? I now have a limit of 25 and for when I break the rules 30.  So that means max 30 of the top posts for the week. This does not mean that any of the other posts aren’t just as good, it just means that the process is more selective. If you don’t appear in this weeks salad it is not to say you will not be in next weeks, etc.

What won’t make it in to the Salad? Politics and aggressive posts, this is not because it has become “New Age” but rather because those are generally negative and attacking someone.

imageThe Ubuntu Frosting ~ by Amber 

I have been asked as the sort of spokesperson of our little Ubuntu group of ragtag players to talk a little bit about Ubuntu and what we hope to accomplish.  Each of us writes Ubuntu posts as we feel the movement in our lives and on our blogs to share its spirit with all of you.  I recently wrote A Guide to Ubuntu so that people could understand it a little more easily should you would like to learn more about it.  We seek to spread this small word that holds big feelings throughout the world.  One blog at a time.  Its simply “I am because you are”.

We all need a breath of fresh air don’t we?  Need to breathe it into our lungs and enjoy its life giving force just a bit more?  This week our air is brought to us by a special blog which has been chosen by our team to receive the Ubuntu badge for its posts towards humanity, and the spirit of Ubuntu which we all share.  Posts like The Web of Compassion ,Hello? Is this 2008? Are we “human”? Stop Florida from committing transgression, and Open letter to God.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Surface Earth.  Thank you for your beautiful words and spirit.  You will be a fine addition to our Ubuntu team.  With this nomination you can choose or not to post our Ubuntu badge on your blog, but we do ask that you post a blog post article about what Ubuntu means to you in return.

Have a good week Everyone!  Amber

image Crunchy apples

This week has truly been incredible, it has been about compassion, people who want to be Souf Efrikan, love and kids. Yes that is Souf Efrikan pronounced Sooo-ff Eff-rick-ken and no that is not a swear word either.  So far there have been two who stepped up to this all time “honourary” (not coronary) status Skuttlevis(fish) and Antie Lisbet.  If you want to join the other Souf Efrikan’s then contact The Man with fast legs. By the way, while we are on the topic, should you ever get confused by my computer terms there is always an explanation ready

imageTasty Strawberries (with chocolate)

Communication is always key isn’t it? So often we can misunderstand someone and through doing so get hurt or worse unjustifiably angry.  Handwritten letters with the personal touch or friendships that form life long relationshipsLittle hands holding within their grasp Forgiveness, Compassion, Empathy… humanity, we can learn a lot from children if we stopped to look into their eyes and see what they see.  Sometimes all it takes is taking the time to stand in the others shoes and try to understand.

image A sticky healthy orange


Looking through the Johari Window into The night sky things can come flooding back.  One tends to remember Walking In Sunshine, Through the Rain, picking Flower’s along The Yellow Brick Road you tend to slowly gain back your self-esteem and just Be. Where ever we go we Plant the seed, grow a garden… run as far as you can but you can never hide but Living Your Dreams you must do.

image A bunch of grapes

Heroin Charly making you wonder if your Contract is still good, you wonder where Grace has gone while checking if you are Still BreathingBringing hope back is a continual process.  Personally I feel that all Dead Beat Dads need to all take a page from the book on How to Not Abuse Your ChildrenGive us back some heavy duty maturity rituals perhaps? A simple rhyme about humanity all the while figuring out What makes us special.


Yip, it has been quite the week! Thank you all for each and every single post you wrote, it not only brought a smile to my face but to many.  You got our brains ticking over, inspired, gave us wisdom and many (gazillion) laughs!  Awesome week!


As always suggestions and thoughts are welcome.  If you know how to get thorn splinters out of a very hair covered head pleas also let me know… just found my 7th… without needles!


20 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad ~ संख्या अठारह

  1. Hey there SF! Yeah, Saturday was good! I haven’t laughed like that in ages!!! 4 trees hey? In the whole of blouberg!!! How’re your ribs feeling? I hope you have found all the splinters!!! and that your bruises heal super fast!!!

  2. I absolutely love that you do this! Because of your links, I have “wandered” over to other blogs that I may never have found otherwise. Many thanks!

  3. You put so much work into these. I just love reading them. It also gives us a little peek into other peoples blogs that we don’t stroll through often. Thanks San.

  4. Brilliant!
    Thank you for doing this! Amazing how many wonderful blogs there are out there – but usually so hard to find! There are so many great minds just waiting to be listened to, absolutely wonderful!

  5. Yay! More for me to read 🙂 sheesh, I’m really way behind this time! No worries, will get back to it asap – hugs to those brilliant, wonderful authors this week!

  6. Thanks Amber and Sanity Found for taking the time to prepare such a healthy salad; another healthy salad to nourish the mind, body and soul! Off I go to get my nutrients! Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

  7. TDYK Funny you ares!

    Surface Earth, the honour is the worlds for all that you do!

    Neilina don’t let Deeps see you saying that she will crack up, I am learning Hindi but basic basic and apparently I keep on swearing… I blame my teacher!

    Vishesh I do the same regularly lol

    Bojinx Saturday was a blast, the ribs are healing and found 7th splinter rofl aye can’t take us anywhere huh! How was that waitress though sheesh!

    Donstuff Glad you enjoyed!

    Fitch am so glad you are enjoying them, there really are so many awesome bloggers out there!

    Lotta so glad you liked it and thanks again for the shout out – yip so many and each time i come across another I am wowed!

    Glaize hugs back!

    Vanessa glads you enjoyed lol puns LOL

    Cordie glad you enjoyed gf – will send that email off now, reader really does make life easier! Mwah!

  8. I know!!! she just wanted to join us. we were having much more fun than she was! giggling and laughing like some school kids! Awesome day! Thank-you. Looking forward to the 23rd!

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