If I am quieter it is because I am dancing…

image I leave today to go spend a weekend with a friend of mine in the forest of Blouberg (yes the place with four trees). 

Tonight is a function that I am not that excited about but it’ll hone my business acumen which is never a bad thing.

Tomorrow morning wedding dress shopping with my friend who I have been asked to photograph in December.  Between you and me I don’t quite know if I will be in SA for it, I know if all else fails she wants me there… lets just say we’ll see for now shall we?

Tomorrow night dancing the night away *yipeeeee* lets see how the knee lasts me jiving (yeah I’m old) till the weeee hours of the morning!

Sunday recovery

I’ll be sporadic in my blogging and comments… I’m letting my hairball loose, putting on the dancing boots and relaxing … ooo AND drinking as much coffee as I CAN!

Don’t tell a soul but I am taking my cookies with, one a day, I can’t have fun without them!


12 thoughts on “If I am quieter it is because I am dancing…

  1. “drinking as much coffee as I can”…hummm..something tells me that one might be tongue in cheek ;-)..now I on the other hand JUST said that very thing to the Mrs this morning…”Oh how I LOVE my coffee…and it doesn’t give me a hang over later after the fact.”…have fun this weekend…

  2. Hayden thanks you!!! most definitelies

    DM hmmm fermented grape juice? LOL aye luckily for me I never suffer from hangovers… I have mageeeeek… no jokes

    Bojinx… I shall count em for you just incase they have multiplied and now are 5!

    slightlyignorant Thanks hun!

    *makes public announcement: Beware of this slightlyignorant they like cookies… I smell a new thief amongst us!*

  3. Hey, have fun and remember NO takillya. You smell a cookie thief???

    Have you ever heard “a skunk smells his own scent first????”

    Have a great weekend hun.

  4. I’m curious: what type of music do they play in South African night clubs? Is it like in Europe where everybody dances with no one in particular or like the US where guy always a girl to hit the dance floor?

  5. Thanks all, it was all good but exhausting – nothing is ever a simple “going away” lol but dang did I dance!

    Joy does Sambucca count? LOL

    Nathalie Here in SA they play all types of music, the club I went to was more rock/80’s though we also have numerous hip hop, jazz and pop etc all depends who I’m with lol. Dance wise, we are very European though in the Afrikaans neighborhoods it is custom to have the men on the arms in what I call “The Windsurf”. They tend to do the Waltz to pop music… must take video next time for you!

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