SanityFound Dictionary moves forward

imageOk so I have thought about it, read the emails saying that I should do it  and finally I think ok… I’ll do it but I’m going to do it different.  You know I am a rebel so there you go.

Many of you have left comments before and some have even emailed me saying that I should put together a “SanityFound Dictionary” and publish it.  The difference that I am talking about is… well its going to be ALL of us not just me.  I mean sure I come up with some words, I find the oddest ones as well and add them into my vocab, to me its fun and makes life more colourful.

So here is the proposal… I ask you for submissions…

If you have made up any words

If you use a word not regularly used by others but you think its funky and should be used

Want to try your hand at making up some words? Think some up and try your hand at it

Slang used in your country, suburb, province, state, culture that you think is funky and universal

With all of the above try give the following details

Origin – Did you invent it, did you hear it, misunderstand something someone said, read it, found it, etc

Pronunciation – say it out loud and type it as it sounds

Definition – What does it mean?

Use – Put it in a sentence as you would use it



Origin: SanityFound

Pronunciation: ab-sooo-fruit-lee

Definition: Agreeing happily

Use: I most agree absofruitly

If you want to see what I have done so far then head over to my SanityFound’s Dictionary Page and if all else fails at least have a laugh…

If we get enough submissions then I’ll put it into an A, B, C book format which you can either download or I’ll put it up on Cafepress at cost.

So let the games begin, if anything, it should be fun…



12 thoughts on “SanityFound Dictionary moves forward

  1. fan-doo-gly

    yes! absolutely.

    badong – Bad and Wrong all at once – I dare not give an example lest I get into trouble. But, for EXAMPLE, I think that Bush saying we must all go to war is bad and wrong…. love this word. it is most often used by the fashion police when describing combinations such as rib-high wide belts when ‘commited’ in gold leather. 😉

  2. hehehe, I have words…which are more or less in terms of an abuseee..and sure they are funkyy…!! I don;t wanna spoil your sofisticated page by addding them…but I sometimes use them for fun on my friends :))))

    Example … FF {fuckface} Lol!!!

  3. we have some:
    Huggle: pronounced Hug-gil
    Origin: My five year old when she was three, it is a cross between and cuddle and a hug

    Kiekie: pronounced Key-key
    Origin: archaic Afrikaans word for photo – yes “Foto” is an ANGLISISME!

  4. Okay here’s one my wife found on a Swedish blog that is easy translatable to English. “Dress down” It’s the opposite of dressing up. “Yesterday, after I came home from that event, I dressed down to my comfy home clothes, turned on the TV and took a bag of chips”.

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