Weekly Fruit Salad ~ Numero ng labinsiyam

Filipino is the language for the week, nineteen is the number for the week… I refuse to actually believe it has been that long so have reverted to living in denial!  First up huge HUGE (bigger text huge) apologies, I have been slacking but I think it was the proteins or perhaps the Ebola virus attacking the fruit… yip def an Ebola or at the very least aerosolitusgravitarse virus (new breed just off the shelf).

imageThe Ubuntu Frosting ~ by Amber

This week, I am thrilled to offer an international blogger the opportunity to join our Ubuntu team and share our Ubuntu badge.  Robert from In Search of Meaning is filled with the spirit of Ubuntu not only on his blog, but in his real life.  He’s a mentor, teacher, therapist, and friend.  His often witty comments leave his readers with a smile.

Congratulations Robert.  Thank you for all of your wonderful blog posts about life and thoughts, and about reminding us about the little things people seem to take for granted in this world.

You can see some of Robert’s posts at:

SurfaceEarth wrote their post on what Ubuntu means to them, to have a read head over to  Ubuntu, in a can, if you will and Moments of Ubuntu

Vanessa has done an awesome profile series on a few of the Ubuntu tribe so far – if you want the low down head over to her blog VanessaLeigh


 The Fruits

So how do you know you are a fan of a show? Ok, lets just say Oprah? Let me put it to you this way.  I call a friend say because I broke a toe nail and need to go to hospital and then I get told “I’m Sorry, I Can’t Take Your Call Right Now… Oprah is busy with her random act of kindness and just GAVE everyone EVERYONE in the audience a BRAND NEW CAR”.  Let me just say that I’m so “over” Oprah Winfrey…

I know can you believe it!  One thing is for sure (well I think it is) is that Dude and Holeycheese did not meet on the set.  The true relief comes when you realise that the CNN Pundits Don’t Know Who You Are (fact). Anything But Fiction becomes reality and soon we find ourselves trying to attain the answer to life?

Habits are interesting creatures, I personally try and avoid them like the dear Sasquatch Man. Ok suppose The truth of the matter is that It is easier just to procrastinate and go “bad habit? me? BAD HABIT? phah” but sometimes we can’t avoid it, sometimes it returns and bites us on the hand (I’m being polite!).

Looking BACK, moving FORWARD in the Absence of Confidence can be one of the scariest things one can experience.  Taking things for granted becomes a thing of the past and our mantra morphs into “Harden the F Up” … no this is not The story of a Souf Efrikan journey… even though Souf Efrikan woman are tough… (so tough most people turn into “Sleepless in Souf Efrika” when they are around)!

To some it is a Message to America, to others It’s all about Zimbabwe but the truth in the Genius of Awareness is our chance to make things right in the world.  Much like Using Politics for Personal Development.

Everything has a “cost” and as we all know nothing in life is for free much like A Spiritual Riddle – We can quench your thirst completely only to have our breath taken away! 

There is always ying and yang in life, the depth of the yang can often be put into balance by the ying and visa versa.  What comes around goes around, if you put out good you get good back…

Sorry for the lateness of this Salad, it couldn’t be helped.  I have stuck with the new format and admittedly have relied heavily on shared posts.  Apologies for not getting to all of yours just yet but from tomorrow I have the feeling things will start looking up… if all else fails I’ll slip mother a sleeping pill in her yummy tea I make and put her to bed real REAL early so that I too can get my share of vitamins.

* I blame the fact that there is a political element in this salad on the incredibleness of Hayden’s post, awesome piece on Zim by that Dude and AngryAfrican’s note to Americans… blame them not me *shrug*

** If there are any spellers let me know, my brain is in speed mode and does not compute in normal captonian (chilled) fashion


9 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad ~ Numero ng labinsiyam

  1. You didn’t see me, I didn’t do anything and you can’t prove it. My favourite Bart quote… Dude & Cheese – sounds like a pub in Yorkshire somewhere. Another awsome one!

  2. Yay to Robert, yummy salad. Yay to Dude and Cheesy! Hey its not easy being Cheesy! 🙂

    You did a great job!!! With one hand tied behind your non existent computer and all!

  3. Sanity dear, thanks a lot, this is such an honour, I truly feel flattered, appreciated, accepted, and it all feels great and fulfiling.

    Now you will, again, need to tell me how to get this Ubuntu badge on my site; I am completely hopeless in this regard.

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