Weekly Fruit Salad ~ Number 20

imageYeah yeah I know it’s in English but thought it kind of special what with it  being a whole 20 salads consumed and no one has food poisoning yet! Phew! It’s been quite a week so grizzly bear with me here and hopefully it will be as exciting as the Dallas Gay Pride Parade.  Hats off to Nathalie with an H, have you seen this woman’s photos? Ah you have not lived till you have sampled the eye candy she has on her blog!

Definitions Making A Difference is sometimes a bit like trying to define the Cookie Monster Slayer, it changes as does the weather, each person is different, each need evolves… how we can make a difference in reality depends on the web of life we find ourselves in.  Complex simplicity if you will is the nature of the day, Deal or No Deal it’s ultimately how you choose.

Just because sometimes Hardened battle soldiers find it tough to be civilians it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve Comfort, encouragement and many hugs.  No I am not talking about the Kumbaya warning lamp but rather why it doesn’t go off on “UBUNTU”.  Suppose some might be getting sick of that word but its around for good, it’s centuries old and flows through our veins.  Ubuntu – nobody is ever outside, it’s not a cult or some wayward religion, it just is, a way of life, a way of person.  I am nothing without you.

Good, Bad – Who Knows… either way we all know a Bum In The Alley.  Perhaps its about False economies – working smarter not harder, perhaps its all about Staying Present in the moment or just Sharing what you have with others.  It’s been a rough time for so many, financial crisis, politics coming out of the toilet water and little Wanted and Worth $3.50 adverts.

Don’t Shy away from The good old days because the Chickens always Come Home To Roost in the end.  Go revisit that Souf Efrikan foto elbum or better yet remember Something about the Wedding, any wedding (all my experiences have been um strange… normally me hiding from the bouquet throwing ceremony!)

For us all it must be Love First

Breathe deeply and smile to a New Day


13 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad ~ Number 20

  1. I love reading your fruit salads… and its a great way for me to read more posts!!! As I don’t really have that much time to do so! Its really great that I get to choose some from here!! Thanks Sanity!!! See you Thursday!!!

  2. *hands out the glasses of champers* Thanks all for the incrediblenessness!

    Nathalie debatable indeed but all the good ones are always taken or not liking what we like lol… going to send that link to my brother in UK he’d die!

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