Horses and a Pooch

Yesterday I was asked to take a few photos of a friends horse who had just given birth to the cutest thing since, well, the word “cute” was invented!  Its conception is quite a funny one and involves one times well bred mare being covered by a very very well bred Stallion who broke out of its stable…  As the little foal stood, all legs and head, she is worth a wopping 50k (yes on birth)







Sunda 083-600


Sunda 085-600

This be other horse… don’t think he liked the carrots and thought my equipment way more interesting!

Pooch was hiding… wimpass struck again!


12 thoughts on “Horses and a Pooch

  1. I love horses. You probably don’t know that I used to own one and used to ride. I miss it. There is something spiritual about riding. A connection between you and your horse. Beautiful!

  2. Horses are such interesting creatures.

    As a teenager I worked on a horse farm for a couple of summers. It was hard work but it was so much fun. I had no idea how “violant” breading Apoloosas is. Whatever you do you’de better have things well managed!

  3. Glad you all loved the little mite as much as I did… now trying to get my friend to buy shares in it so that I can play tooz! (not that I can ride without making the habitual flying through air like superman impression hmph)

  4. I am so glad that I got to see photos of the new baby!!! how beautiful this baby is!!! what a treat for you… I just went riding a few months ago, for the first time in twenty something years, the last time I fell off the horse, which scared me AND hurt!!! No falls this time, though, and I ended up really enjoying it!

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