Weekly Fruit Salad ~ Skaits divdesmit divi

imageLatvian for a change, spice things up a bit, yip twenty two and rising faster than I ever imagined!  It has been quite the hectic week, apologies for the lack of comments.  For the most part of the day I work on a little geriatric, no not human, but rather a 12 year old desktop with … wait for it… 256mb ram (impressive I know) but hey it works every 5 minutes then it takes a toilet break, tea break and a siesta. This is progress, before it was in a coma, trust me!

I know I’m late but Happy Diwali! everyone!!! Just um one thing… the specially shipped package with heavenly edible treats has not arrived yet???

I bet the trainee ninjas totally practice on the white people first but perhaps they should rather practice on certain amphibian’s while wearing severe protective masks!!!  When those things are around I find myself shouting with feigned gasps “Men, Oh God Do I Salute You!“.  That is of course the moment I realise that there are no men around to save me and the Taser gun has to do *shrug* Guess I’m going to have to revert back to Dating Tips From 1950!

The choices we make.. learning to make good choices… all important, figuring out What We Worship even more so if at all.  Good and Evil, Choice and Responsibility, important pondering questions that leave you wondering and then some.  It takes courage to be who you really are and to love the person you truly are, Honesty. The best policy. Right? So why not with yourself? 

Dealing with Bullies from children to Adults its all the same rules, some people are just so insecure that they beat up on the people they wish they could but never will be. Truth.  Do you think bullies are ingrained in personality? “How to Use Personality Tests for Conflict Resolution” <– Sometimes it works, sometimes the bullies just need to get the hell out. No, not aggressive just resident um yeah.

I will honestly have No Regrets If This Life Ended Now except for the fact that I have never experienced a true Halloween or witnessed a real Sad Witch.  It is on my list of to-do’s before I die kind of thing (especially after I saw all the candy in some of the few photos! Sorry I meant eye candy… I’m on a diet!)

Unlimited Knowledge and Sensing The Senses really is Today’s Message.  The choice to live Inside or outside the fire, to truly live is the “hip hop” of the real world.  The Ubuntu way of life..

In life there are no certainties, you will always get people like Gemmey’s Mom who are so caught up in the life of addiction that they lose everything and everyone that meant the world to them. Some are lucky and they claw their way out.  They are able to stand up and be counted, they say out loud “I Am An Addict” with huge doses of amazing Courage putting their Shady Life That they Lived in the past and moving forwards.  What gives one the strength and the other none? The desire for life.

There are many things that I have learnt in this life time from drinking coffee. For one it is always best to have your own personal trouble tree… letting go of work and stress.. and figuring out How to solve the “gay marriage problem”.  This of course in my mind is a non-issue and more about one group trying to segregate other’s once more (or always hmm)… Perhaps my Expectations are off or a measurement of emotional healing is required by all and sundry.

Coffee and Lipstick and “Secret” Latte Formula’s, it really has been an awesome week and the Novel in a month has really got many ears pricked! Ironically it seems that two of the current novel writers are not entering??? *shakes head and pulls neck muscle* Yeah I know “huh!”  Go check it out

Success Shouldn’t be Elusive so if you think you can write a novel in a month with 50,000 words I dare ya!

Monday Morning anyone???


Hope the week ahead is an incredible fantabularse week and thank you once more for your awesomeness!


15 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad ~ Skaits divdesmit divi

  1. I’m a pretty intelligent guy, or at least I like to think so, but your comment kinda lefrt me thinking HUH??? Just what is it that you are asking?

  2. Nevermind… I guess that I shoulda read your page first. Thank you for adding a link to my page and I understand what you were getting at. Sorry for the miss understanding… and good writing. Keep it up!

  3. Amber yers hmm now tells me quix pix like… did you just come to terms with being a fully fledged banana? LMAO it has taken me a YEAR to get you to accept this simple fate! Proud of ya!

    Don I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again! Dang I have another culture gap the WIGGLES???

    Shady I am sorry it was unclear and that you felt it offensive, I was trying to compliment you on your strength and courage, I admire that in you.

    Vanessa Do you know that this fruit salad is not fattening we likes that idea lots!

  4. Yo! SanityFound, EYE candy is the keyword here. These handsome young men running around in their skivvies are not for us. Frankly, you get really tired of it after a while. “Oh NO!Not an another gorgeous man in his briefs! Kill me now! Where are all the monsters of yore?”

    Also, to remain in the honesty mode, I don’t think the Oak Lawn Halloween is very representative of Halloween in America. If it were, we would be extinct!

    Thanks for including me once again! You rock!

  5. The pacakge for the edible sweets ain’t arriving anymore…have to keep a check on your weight as well…!! I worry abt my sisstaaa…!! You can watch me eating if you would like *grins widely*

  6. Nathalie I swear I have answered that comment, perhaps I was laughing too hard and it disappeared! If your Halloween wasn’t a true respresentation then I fear what a real one is WOW … big partay?

    Deeps am mad with you, even spoke to the mail man and asked him not to steal them when they arrived then I get this GT popup going “hmmm chocolate ferror roche” and I am ready to keeels!

    lol glad you enjoyed huns!

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