Petuna ~ The new fragrance for you!

IM’ing with a friend this morning talking the walk and walking the bullshit as one does, or perhaps as she and I do – I thought I’d share this little extract of a “day in the life” of two crazy people… perhaps you will find it as hillhairyarse as I do, I am still laughing quite literally out loud.

But first a few explanations:

My friend talking below has the most pedicured feet you will ever find on this planet called earth.  I rip her daily on the fact that her feet still smell (albeit not really but then she is a bit too far for me to catch a whiff for sure)

Shark bate = morning breath bottled, it is a new potent product that is essential for all divers, surfers and swimmers alike.  One whiff and the sharks are good as comatose!  This also stands for land sharks.

Monkey = he is the one that attacks your hair while you sleep and does all these funky hairstyles on you then sells the ideas to the real hairdressers.

ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing

LOL = Laughing out loud

Please note that she actually smells like freshly picked roses… swear it on me lifeballs

The Extract:

Talking about something that happened in the day… this is what followed…

Friend: slap my thigh and call me petuna

Me: rofl

Me: ok Petuna you be fishy

Friend: I don’t think I spelled that quite right

Friend: and you made me nearly spit my coffee

Me: pet tuna?

Me: rofl

Friend: or in the south they call it cawfee

Friend: petunia

Me: aaah still a tuna in there

Me: *grins*

Me: see you talking bout your foots again

Me: didnt know they had a name

Me: phew

Friend: lol

Me: eau da tuna

Friend: that would be pheunia

Me: goes well with the shark bate

Friend: pee-unia

Me: you let the petuna smells out of bottle and then you release the shark bate

Friend: lol

Me: bate and kill

Me: one time shoe shine

Me: pee-unia?

Friend: Im dying and you are making me laugh

Friend: sure

Friend: be that way

Me: that is just wrongs

Friend: I see how you is

Me: whats huh punk

Me: wanting to sell your smells?

Me: course

Me: we biz pardners

Me: and its a funky smell

Me: hey its unique

Me: *shrug*

Friend: I smellz butt-iz-full

Me: your butt smells?

Me: ??

Me: jeepers you

Friend: yeh…

Friend: something like that

Me: lol

Me: tsk tsk

Me: new smells for sale?

Me: gawd you are like factory

Friend: ok you are making me choke

Friend: Im laughing so hard

Me: swollow dahlink

Me: and stop biting your toe nails

Me: if you want tuna go to fridge

Friend: I guess this is payback for the twotoloo

Me: hell yeah

Me: oo can you just imagine if we cloned YOU how much more we could sell?

Me: perfect

Me: dang

Me: is THAT how monkey does your hairball? Uses the eau da foods?

Me: foots

Me: dang laughing too hard to type

Friend: lol

Friend: dang

Friend: you are on zee roll of SA toilet paper tonight

Friend: or this morning

Me: recycled

Me: special like

Friend: no more sleeps for you

Me: lol

Me: it give me beans!

Me: bouncy beans!

Friend: see what happens when you gets a little sleep?

Friend: dang

Me: *grins big*

Me: yeah and did dreams likes mad

Me: then wakes up and still dreaming

Me: now you know what I dream abouts last night

Me: marketing for the foots da la petuna

Friend: smelling nasty?

Friend: lol

Me: nah am too far away to smells you

Me: are you narsty?

Our new marketing material… on shelves soon!



28 thoughts on “Petuna ~ The new fragrance for you!

  1. Joy can you call your friend? is she close? I think you must write about her some time knows for sure we will have a true giggle at some of the antics you two have been up to… yip those cookie thieving days…. *grins* you so know you want to…

    Deeps lol yers her feet smell

    Hayden yip, he took a while to recover mind… hmm

  2. Dang…. my feet are the joke of the damn internet…. Ill never be able to show them in public again! People will be accusing me of having the funk! No cute sandals or open toed shoes for me ever again! One look at my beautifully pedicured feet and they be thinking petuna! My reputation in tatters all over the world!


  3. AA Jou moer indoods rofl nutter

    Now Cordie dear I couldn’t agree more, a pedicure does not tell the full smellory at alls… as I have since found out *sniffs through blocked nose and calls up Avon*

    Amber we are now in biz… get bottling we’re sending it to AVON!!!!


  4. Sighs at all of my beautiful coach and bcbg sandals wanting to cry… why……..why.. wwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Huns you now be FAMARSE! am tellin ya… your special smells will be known all over the worlds for their specialness… hey look at it this way… you’re saving lives if its used for shark bate!!!

    *flicks a spec of dust off her cute sandals*

  6. ROFL – Oh my Amber, I had no idea these were YOUR feet! I should have known – ROFL.

    You guys are just too funny! Amber you really can make some money with those feet – for picture purposes of course – just don’t deliver the pics in person! They are soooooo cute. Everyone female and most men in the world want feet that look like those!

    I can’t stop laughing. you guys are tooo much

    SF, you’re gonna get it! Poor Amber, we’re always picking on her.

  7. I am inNOcent til proven oh heck yeah it was just tff not to share you knows? Besides I run too fast for her to catch me to dish out the paybacks hmph

    You think she will *worried not look*

    PS I agree Cordie, def not in person… its one of the first times I am grateful of being in Afreaka … when those sandals come off!

  8. SF, I’ll help you with the Avon campaign – We could make a killing to contribute to Ubuntu or One World One Soul! But, we must not have the scratch and sniff samples offered.. . sorry folks, no free samples on this one! lol

  9. rofl…lol…. you guys are tff… my tummy is hurting from laughing so hard. My defense here is that this conversation happened just as I woke up before coffee… I just was taking my very first sips. That is my story and Im sticking to it.

    BTW cordie.. my feet are actually prettier than those shown in the picture. They aren’t so dang boney and misshapen… but the and my toes are straight. The nails look the same tho. My skin is darker brown too…. Inferior model quality there ISF! Dang!

  10. Cordie.. how quick do you need this done? I go to the salon some time next week.. will that be ok? what color pink would you like? Sheer or hot pink?

  11. A color similar to the pink on the contest rules page. Pink Ribbon pink – a soft pink. Or perhaps a sheer pink with a pink ribbon on the big toe – maybe I can photoshop that ribbon on the big toe if that’s asking too much. lol. I’m serious now! PLL . . .

  12. Pink Panther? Ummmmmmmm Cordie sweetie.. I love you big time.. but honestly one thing you gotta know me being my sista in the soul is that I am so conservative it is almost painful. I nearly had a panic attack when the nail girl painted my fingers in something other than french manicaure in the 25 years that I have been having them done (just for a change). It was so bad, I had to go back and have them changed the following day cause I couldn’t take it. Toes, I can manage to do colors. I can do a solid pink toe for you girlfriend. I could probably manage a flower. Possibly at a really huge push a little glitter thing. Pink Panther… um.. I think I would have to take a Valium. I would have it done, take the pic, and have it removed. Seriously. But anything for art I say. I could not walk around like that for 2 whole weeks. I would die. Even in the winter with closed toe shoes… I would see them!!!!

  13. ROLF laughing literally! I had a feeling I was pushing it with the pink panther thingy! Whew. . . I can still imagine your look! Anywho, I tried. . . I’ll settle for plain pink – a nude pink will do or perhaps nude pink with the pink on the ends of the nails like when they put the white on the end of the nails . . . 🙂 🙂 Just kidding. . .

    Nude pink or soft pink – you choose.

    Thanks for being such a great sport!

  14. Cordie I can sooo see that look as well almost like the yahoo emoticon with the eyebrow lifting giving da look ROFLMAO whaahaaa oks kadonk dang she’s taking notes! shit now we’re in trouble oh boy

    Amber look look there is a fairy!

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