She’s just about to hit folks.  The time has come.  Her time has come.  Her loyal readers.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Wow.  This last little over a year.  What a wild ride it has been!!!

We have seen her cry, and she has definitely made us all howl with laughter.  This girl has so much heart and soul its amazing.  She encourages each one of us on our own blogs.  Like our own personal cheerleader.  How much has she given each of us?  How much love?  

How many of us has she encouraged to be just a little bit better?  Or to reach for our goals?  Or to face our demons?  She’s an amazing soul.

So today congratulate her.  Take the time to thank her.  Be a cheer leader for HER.  Show her how much you care in return.  OK?

Help her reach her 100K in style and with love… like she gives each one of us.

Love you girlfriend!




24 thoughts on “Help me send INSANITYFOUND TO 100K! TODAY!

  1. Yippy I’m the first to post on this post. You’re now at 99,764 – less than 200 to go! Let the countdown begin for the girl who found sanity only to make everyone else insane with joy!

    Oh my, joy beat me to the comment. How did you do that Joy. Oh well – go Joy.

    That’s a lot of clicks SF – keep the clicks coming sis!

    PLL, CordieB.

  2. Sanity baby, this is sooo cool. Congratulations, you have a huge fan club around the planet.

    By the way, is there going to be a special prize for the 100.000th visitor? Because if there is one, I am going to be clicking from now on, man… I want that prize!

  3. 100,000 hits in a year! Yeow, as bonnieluria would say.
    I just did the math: that means 274 clicks every day, 11 clicks every hour for the last year.

    Spread out over how many continents? And, I bet all your readers know Africa is a continent, too. (Inside US political humor, sorry!)

    Anyway, 100K across all time zones and land masses–this must mean at just about anytime in the world, someone is clicking in to your world.

    Go to bed! You are keeping people up!

    (In a nice way, of course!)

  4. You are one of the shining stars in my night sky; and you guide me in the direction that I most want to go. Rarely have I found in this world such a selfless, loving human being. You deserve any praise, love and admiration showered upon you, today and every day!!! I feel proud and grateful to know you, sister of my soul………. MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me

  5. Somewhere on someone’s blog I read the phrase “soul kin”….I’m sorry to whoever wrote it that I don’t remember the writer, but the phrase stayed with me…because that’s how you feel to me San… soul kin…we landed on different continents to different earthly parents, but we are still kin…
    its a beautiful phrase, and you are a beautiful person, and I’m so very glad our souls met on your blog…your wit, your loyalty, and your compassion have sustained me more than you can possibly imagine…you GO girl, and keep on going, I hope way, way, way past 100K!!!!

  6. Just jumping by, saying hello.
    I am in the middle of solving a problem in economy theory (The theory of the consumer):

    A consumer consumes two products. “Internet surfing” (S) and “Other stuff” (Y). He starts with having (s,y) = (0,300). He can choose to pay for S through two ways:
    1) To pay 30 units of Y for 10 hours of surfing, and for every additional surfing hour he will pay 9 untis of Y.
    2) To pay 100 untis of Y for free surfing without limitation.
    The consumer also has the possibility of buying halfs and parts of wholes (Y-units or surf hours).

    A. Draw a graph of his options if he chooses way 1
    B. Draw a graph of his options if he chooses way 2
    C. Draw a graph of his options if he hasn’t choosen a way yet

  7. Amber you sneaky minx I tells you I just knew something was up, I caught a whiff and thoughts “hmm something is fishy”! Thanks you, there are no words to describe the warm fuzziness – seriously wow! Love ya tooz gf!

    Joy Thanks huns, I am so thankful that I started blogging because through it I have met the most incredible of people whom I would never have met otherwise! Hugs!

    Cordie you crack me up, you STILL have me laughing out loud with the Petuna thread ROFL! I will photoshop pink panther on for you ks.. Thanks huns!

    Robert oh boy I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard – you made me cry dang you!!! Prize hmmm will speak to the organisers of this partay me thinks… perhaps cookies? Dang if thats the story then I am clicking as well!!! Thanks you!

    Pat I am now gripping my sides… that is actually quite a scary thought, nothing like spreading the insanity worldwide kind of like an interesting plague of sorts! Thanks huns, for everything! Ah insomnia really does rule!

    Amber so sneaky … just you wait sista!

    Vanessa thank you huns, you’re the best and as you say a sister of my soul for which I am grateful to meet! Thanks you!!!

    AA Not bad for a Virgo huh! Oh boy that reminds me Amber we MUST talk to Mrs AA about perhaps a slight birthday bash… its soon after all *grins*

    Psych it is the same for me, I feel exactly the same – I love that expression of soul kin, poetic and true in every single sense of the word. We have quite a family going here don’t we? Thanks you!

    Dude you are so lucky I am tired, so so so lucky otherwise I would’ve thrown some awesome equation back at you! Dang ok will return once I have awake head and kick some ass! Thanks you and good luck!!!

  8. Another 172 hits and you’ll be there…WOW

    You feel so much like my little sister I’d like to take you outside and do this with you:

    yea, we’re already getting some of that white stuff here. Take care- DM

  9. Amazing. Isn’t it simply mindblowing that others out there care enough to check in and see what you have to say?! Gotta love the blog world.

    You do such a wonderful job, covering so many different things. That’s what makes you special. Hugs to you!

  10. Thanks Brit

    DM awwwws thank you sweet brother of mine, that means the world to me! You so know right that I am queen snow ball thrower? right? ya gotta know this!!!

    Kwoneshe2 I couldn’t agree more, tbh its a tad weird and overwhelming right now.. I mean huh! Thanks you!

  11. Will be dropping by again and again till the big 100k hunns! Muah! Much love to you and thanks for everything, everything that you’ve help me through with your beautiful, wise words. We all love you, I know we do!

  12. 100,000 visits in less than a year is insane – kind of like Sanity Found (maybe an oxymoron? no, no moron here).
    Congratulations on this milestone – on to one million!

  13. Mssc54 rofl insanity is what we do here but it really is INSANE *still in shock* yeah the poor souls!

    Joy I am so going to get you back with a snow ball of NOTE just you watch and see… mind you now that reminds me of that mail someone sent hmmm… ok ok not posting THAT one! Am queen snow ball thrower just watcheet!

    Ilegirl thank you for coming to my rescue and answering TDYK, was just too tireds hmph. Its been awesome getting to know you as well… ah I remember when I got hooked on your blog, hmm it was those pink gardening shoes!

    Joy you are awesome, thanks for cheerleading lol it felt like a the royal countdown I swear… reading all these and then reading these posts phew… eventually I was so tired I passed out!

    Glaize thanks huns, muah to you backs! Hope you are oks?

    Don lol you hit the nail on the head shhhhhh don’t tell a soul what it really is ooo look a fairy!!! LOOK!

    Amber tis means you get cooookies! *hands over suspiciously similar looking cookies like the ones in her secret hiding place* they are so deeelisharse am telling you, you won’t be able to resist. Thanks for being such an awesome cheeleader!!!

    Psych thanks you, kinda mind blowing phew!

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