Weekly Fruit Salad ~ [place number here]

Found a new wrinkle today so decided to just plain avoid numbers all together. I mean when I look in the mirror it’s still me, the 18 year old staring back at me… you know?

Phew what a week it has been, admittedly the “One Giant Step” moment, yeah I don’t even need to tell you which one that was!  Obama, Obama, Obama, a Day of Tribulation and also of shame, some weren’t so happy, some cried, some were ecstatic, some made shout outs to An American Hero either way the US elections were felt worldwide.  The New Face of the Presidency, may you always be courageous, stand up right and be strongPandemic Faith, Hope and Love, lets Make this better for all!

The thing that touched me the most about it all? Kids…

Color Them Blonde, do what you have to do but You really can’t blame anyone else for the state of your life nor can you avoid your own life by living vicariously through your child.  Sad as it is we all need to find our own Way Back and build up The Courage to Leap with Puppy Size love.  Block and tackle, gain your individuality back, Accept things as they are and that we all have moments of Stupid, life is like that, there will always be “our” Time.

Stress Management is the really hot topic of the week with “How to Overcome A Panic Attack” and “Tips for dealing with Anxiety, breathing through it…“.  Seems the world over is feeling the effects of the overly slight financial crisis, life and living… its touching us all but at the same time we are all standing up, standing together and smiling through it.  Why is it that we are always worried about “how you look to the world”?

When we can’t smile we find someone who we know will help us to.  I know for me personally watching a Baby Laugh at Wii and the The Worst Best Man – Ever! videos just about had me with 10 broken ribs from laughing so hard.  Then there are the the little things that we hold dear like Snow days and The Fallacy of Greener Grass

The Simplest of terms… life is what you make of it, from Pictorial Highlights Of Fall to the Inspiration found in The Stick and The Cardboard Box that found their way to the Toy Hall of Fame.  Its everywhere if you are willing to look.  Perhaps you are Just Small Town or perhaps its another dreaded bout of Fibromyalgia, either way its up to you.

Space.. the final frontier? Or is it truly our own souls we have yet to conquer? A pondering question for the week for sure or as the new hip way of saying it is “fo sho”.  Flying Together – Our Conversations in October, ask no questions, hear no lies… its really been a blast from the recent past.  The worst question for me this week though was “Blonde blue-eyed baby for sale?“, my first thoughts were “um hello, come again, they did WHAT?” Enough said, I was shocked and it kind of makes me want to revisit School—1957 fo sho! Ok sorry I just had to use my new word, forgive me!

Boundless Love people, if you don’t know it yet, its all the rage!

The holidays are coming so its best to start prepping up and getting all set – can anyone tell me why, oh why, this year has flown as fast as it has? Or perhaps for some, such as me, why it has taken so dang long???

Now I have something really REALLY big BIG to announce… are you sitting? Yip Lindsey has finished her book which is now for sale YIPEEEEE (sorry I have been awaiting its arrival while sitting on my hands seriously!)  Just click on the image and head on through… Congrats Lindsey, the blog world is proud, PROUD beyond words!


Thanks for an incredible week everyone, it has been AWESOME!!!



14 thoughts on “Weekly Fruit Salad ~ [place number here]

  1. Yay for Lindsey … claps and cheers loudly (available through Amazon and good booksellers folks) Contact me if you need help getting a copy… this is gonna blow your socks off!!! Cover designed by the dynamic duo ….

  2. Don fo sho anytime, you help make it easy for me with all your fab posts!

    Vanessa its fo sho not to be sure…lol jokes you – there are some incredible writers out there just wish I could add them all in!

    Amber lol you are a funny bunny, my socks are off phew *passes out from petuna* ~ You know, this book is going to change lives, that is the beauty of it!

    Joy fo sho mind last night I was admitedly tired so I don’t know if this one is up to standard hmph!

  3. Of course its up to standard nana! All made sense to me! 🙂 I really enjoy reading these! Gives me some nice reading material! As you know that I am unable to read all that I want to!!

  4. Congratulations, a little bird flew by and mentioned you hit the 100k mark on your blog? And since I’m still fairly new around here, I am going to go check out more about this book announcement!

    Peace & blessings.

    Surface Earth

  5. San, your creativity blows my mind. I love, love, LOVE the weekly fruit salad 🙂 Only thing is, could you add some pears and gorgonzola to it? Then it woud be absolutely my favorite! JK

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