Joy reaches 50,000 whoohooo!!!


A HUGE congratulations to Joy and her family on their 50,000 YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Yips that is her up there, super gran to three awesome kiddies…

Joy, huns, I am so blessed to have met you in this here blogosphere, you have made it worth every second just by being you.

Thank you for your love, compassion, wisdom and humour… there have been many a day where I had to wipe my chin thanks to coffee spillages brought on by you!

Now all is good and said I must just prove once and for all a little something with you all…

I managed to catch her in the process of making a bee line for the hidden away cookie jar… proof that it was NOT me…

Check it outs


Yip, told ya… and you didnt beliefs me!


Payback huh *grins*


7 thoughts on “Joy reaches 50,000 whoohooo!!!

  1. Oh Sanity. You crack me right up. How great this is. Thank you so much. I didn’t think I’d hit this milestone until next week. I’m such a twit, I don’t pay enough attention to it.

    We really do have a good group writing and it’s fun with all the different posts and views but it’s really not us. It’s a big thank you to all of those faithful readers that choose to read us. I really thank all of you. I am having a ball with this blog and am enjoying the fact that I’ve met all of you guys.

    I can’t believe how small Maddie was when you taught her how to steal the cookies for you πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Audrey.

  2. SI That she does, that she does, she ROCKS!

    Vanessa aint she cutes! Least now you know who steals em cookies

    Joy the thanks is to you huns, you make each day that much brighter for me, honestly you do! Now about them cookies, I swears it looks at that photo she is like BULLET in cookie directions!!! uh huh noooot me! Love ya huns!

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