Weekly fruit salad ~ 20++

image You know me by now, numbers aint my thing, well at least let me proclaim this as fact and deny any addiction to them. Deny deny deny!  Ok so last week was quite the week, some bad things and some good.  For those who do not know yet, I’ll be moving country as of this Friday, my new land is the cold one called England.  Lets hope it all goes to plan, in the mean time I don’t know if I will have as much time as normal to read all the blogs.

With this in mind I have a HUGE HUGE HUGE favour (yip three big ones that equal one big favour, I always go large).  If you are using Google Reader and you come across a really awesome post that you think we should share in the Salad please click share on the bottom.  If you aren’t currently shared with me please send a mail to sanityf@gmail.com and I’ll send you the other email address that I use for google reader.

Now back to the business of the week past…

This week was one of sadness for the children of Africa because Mama Africa passed away. Viva Miriam Makeba! Long Live Mama Africa! She was a symbol to the nation, a symbol to Africa, hope, life and love.

Southern California is Burning… Again, don’t quite know what to say other than may the rains come soon. I really do hope it does.

There were many beautiful tributes to the Veterans this week as American had their annual Veterans day honouring all those who serve and served in years past.  Have a read through these incredible posts and spend a moment of thought for all those fallen, each one of them hero’s the world over.  I know these posts were written with Americans in mind but I’d like to put them forward for all caught up in wars world wide.

Veterans Day 2008

Veteran’s Day 2008

Honoring Our Veterans

A post of thanks..

Unicef also held their annual Children’s Day, one that I feel close to perhaps because the children they target have touched my heart in more ways than I could possibly ever explain.  The children of the world are the ones that suffer most, be they The refugees are us or any other such sadness, Active or Oberverer? and what they do about it.  Thank You to all those that do what they can no matter how big or small. It matters and it counts.

Who will this tight economy will hurt the most most?

This whole thing about giving Growth hormones for a bullied girl blows me away, has society gotten so wrapped up in the ideal of perfection that would succumb to such depths?  Should it not rather be about Gaining true perspective of your body by removing your head..? It is no Memo from Satan, just plain reality.  What are we doing to our fellow humans? I am me, don’t call me gay or straight, fat or thin. Accept me for who I am not what I am according to your ideals. Simple.

Human Disconnect turns to feeding the flames of our souls writing the chapters of life, be they Chapter 5 or even Chapter 4, Seeing Red or the Messages in the sky.  Is it an East Coast Smile, a Last of the Summer Wine or a new harvest? We choose who we feed like the Parable of Two Wolves.

Learning to live in the world takes Inspiration and a Come with Me smile, A Heart That Feels Is A Heart That Heals.  Who really cares? those that count and those that don’t want to be counted in the caring list known on TV, in the papers or anywhere else.  The silent secret helpers that make the world a better place.

A big congratulations to Psych with her Son’s Engagement!

Looking for really awesome unique christmas and other occassion cards? Head over to Single for a Reasons new Empire… seriously, go look… it’s AWESOME!!!

Thanks again everyone for an incredible week all round, some awesome thoughts, words, posts, articles, you name it, its been this week!

A quick question… this is a kiddies meal right, but would you be able to eat it???


Those teeth bother me something crazy, I honestly don’t know if I could *shivers* I mean have those flowers not heard of a dentist???

… and this one???


Ok that ones semi cute just the plate that makes me dizzy but those hearts remind me of Holeycheese lol



8 thoughts on “Weekly fruit salad ~ 20++

  1. SI I couldn’t not, I thought it was incredible the imagery you used and the truth that lay there in. Stunning!

    Tobeme, I don’t always comment but I always read and that was just excellent!

    Don thanks you, hope you enjoy the fruity bits 🙂

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