Get Well Soon Amber

Well the woman is sick probably from one of my more powerful sneezes that propelled my germs to the California of America and thus I feel the need to deliver a few get well cards of sorts to help make her feel better.

*blows loudly into tissue*

*cough argh cough*

I’m dyin’! I’m not being dramatic!…*cough cough*

Here is a photo that Freedomwon managed to snap for me yesterday while she was out delivering food and medicine to our dear one… She looks cute doesn’t she…


Hopes you feel better soons petuna pardner… for you…









Not works?






Hope you feel better soon punk coz otherwise I’ll fly there in kung fu style and sort the flu pixies out once and for all superman style!!!



11 thoughts on “Get Well Soon Amber

  1. I did chat with the sick persons last night and she is alive, just… those stupid flu monsters I swear they should be sent to the moon with no return ticket!!!

    *hugs to all*

  2. Its her fault in the first place guys.. she just feels bad for giving me slightly used SA tissues… she said she washed em first. But they looked suspect to me!!!! Now I got the plague! Jinxie.. what do you know about this huh???

  3. Well… I know that there’s this dodgy depot near where SF used to live… Now I’m not quite sure what happened… she used to tell me that she didn’t go near the thing… But now, with you being sick an all, well, I’m just not so sure… I’ll do some investigating… 😉

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