Hippy Happy Biffday AngryAfreakan!

Yip you got it, AngryAfreakan is turning 300 today folks and he is still farting fit and stronger than ever!!!

AA you make Africa proud each day of your life in all that you do for being able to call you it’s son.  It’s soil feels your tears, it’s special rhythm beats in time with your heart, it runs through your veins and it smiles knowing you are in the world.

Hope you have the most fantabularse of days, one filled with those special warm fuzzy moments with nothing but joy and happiness. Thank you for being you, who you are to me, your family, to Africa and the world. Thank you.

Here is a special song just for you, managed to get Sanccob’s permission and organised a great choreographer to put this together for you… think it turned out fantastically!



4 thoughts on “Hippy Happy Biffday AngryAfreakan!

  1. I might look 300 but I’m not a day older than the mountains around Stellenbosch.

    THANK YOU! And I see those penguins dance about as well as me… Now pull my finger!

    Thank you sis – I owe you one. And I will get you BACK!

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