Hippy Happy Biffday Lindsey!!!

Oooo there are so many birthdays around this corner that I am going to have so much fun! (my thighs more so because I HAVE to celebrate with all of you by buying a) cake and b) champagne (of course how could I not!!!)

So dear Lindsey we would like to wish you an incredible birthday filled with love, happy memory making moments, spoiling’s and CAKE!


5 thoughts on “Hippy Happy Biffday Lindsey!!!

  1. Lindsey: Happy Birthday!!! You are SO lucky, Winnie the Pooh is even wishing you a happy!!!! I believe that the year 2009 is going to be so ALL THAT for you and yours!!! Have a great one honey!!! Vanessa

  2. Aw, thank you SO much! Having so many good friends certainly makes a birthday better! 🙂 (And I hope you didn’t get too silly from all that champagne! *lol*)

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