Fruit Salad with a few nuts

It’s been a long time coming but through the weeks of silence I have continued  to star the posts that really hit me in the gut by their “gem-y-ness”, diamond of posts!



I recently read a post that totally blew me away, an extract of sorts from a Memoir that by the sounds of things is totally beyond awesome.  From the first word uttered upon the page my soul ignited for it tells a story close to my heart and a lesson for all of mankind.  If you are to do anything today go read The Little Saint Nicholas, you won’t be sorry. Hey you know me, its got to be awesome if it makes the salad!

A new blogger to the market has arrived in the form of the one and only Don Fried, an Author, Playwright and incredible human.  To fully understand the man you need to start with his first post, an awesome one at that, How I Became a Crusty Old Fart… come on with a post title like that you know you are going to have a laugh or two for sure! Ok so if you don’t want stronger stomach muscles don’t head over there… my six pack is coming along nicely albeit still slightly hidden by insulation of sorts!

Congrats to Mind Explosion on her and Souf Effrikan hubby for not only getting the house of their dreams but moving in AND with two beautiful kittens (photos pending…)

A fellow blogger whom a lot of you have read, both past and present, was recently Interviewed by the Pakistani Spectator… this is HUGE and am sending a huge bottle of bubbly with decent chocolate to Deeps over at Empowering Roots! Congrats hun, we are so so so proud of you!



Keep it loose, keep it tight what is the point of worry when all comes down to true Self belief coupled with Learning to trust again and topped off with the adage “Take a breath, be brave and let go…“.

Sometimes Old Unwanted “Friends” return making you wonder whether or not to start Banging on doors, yelling “Those Bastards”, uttering curses such as “May they all get halitosis . . .” and the likes there of.  There isn’t much to do other than run with the moment and pray that the once poisonous venom doesn’t pierce your heart once more.

Ah but what if you were to die today? no, seriously? Would you be happy with the life you have led, how you have acted and treated others? If not, would it mean that you had to take God back? Would that matter? Ok, sorry, perhaps a few hard questions and no, they are not religion based but rather life based.

The Measurement of a Man Lies in the His Heart and is found through Living a true life…one day at a time.  You don’t have to go around shouting “It’s A Wonderful Life!” but Change really does start with one person.. and that might just be you.. yes? Who are we now?

Quit the Morning Blues, When you say nothing at all.. it gets you further than the length of an ant.  Speak your heart and soul, feel the Anger or Emptiness, love, hope, happiness… just feel and speak.  Emerge. Don’t Forget.

Sad Clarence and the Turkey, Experiencing Failure and working through it… Sometimes I think life is much like a poker game that makes you smile big smiles hearing “I am Not a dirty old man (and proud of it)“.  No Santa Stalker’s here thanks! (ok are they good looking???)<— you are soooo going to click on it, just know it… girls, you won’t be sorry!

Hannukkah is coming up and Christmas as well, times are rough for some, perhaps more than some, Rocking Christmas Without Cash is not as hard as it sounds.  First thing though is the question of those Christmas cards, personally I don’t send them because I like to save the trees, the ink and look after the planet… ok… fine… I’ll admit it… I’m a lazyass but so are you right? [place yes here]

For me Christmas is every day, I’ve written posts in the past about throwing a Christmas Party in June, about celebrating those we love each and every single day of our lives not just when the Man was born.  “But, it’s so SHINY…” doesn’t matter, without love it aint so shiny after all… and Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

Are Bald Women Sexy? Personally I have contemplated going bald on many occasions.  In SA we do it once a year for Cancer, a national shavathon.  All people, all races, sexes, etc come together at selected meeting points or even at home and shave their heads in order to recognise the struggle of cancer victims and brain diseases.  It is one of the most incredible experiences walking through the streets and seeing every second person bald.  Last year alone there were over 2 million people, young, old, mediums, you name it with the oldest registered shavathonelite being 76 years old!  No, it will not Insult your wife if you were to do it, toughies!

Fat kids and stupid parents with Time out rooms in schools and The Principal’s Office… aye scary times but ultimately who we are makes our children right? I am still learning all this parent stuff, right now it sounds really scary!

Racism immunity?  A tough question for some but for a lot of us there is no question.  Once We Were Boys… and girls, when we were young and before we were told who is “bad” and who is “good, we didn’t see a difference at all.  Some of us kept that youthful view and others had it drummed into them so much that they can’t escape it. 

Welcome To… to the truth of the world, the truth that you see is the truth that will be.

Thank you to all of you who have stuck by me, who have supported me and pushed me forward especially in the times you had no cooking clue you were doing it!  I am warm, happy, safe and happy <– did I already say mention that? lol, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You shall be seeing more of me in the next couple of weeks so don’t get a shock and these salads I shall try continue if you guys still enjoy them…

Thanks for the incredible awesomeness of all your posts, there were so many brilliant ones it was tough going doing this one… next one shall include more links just don’t tell the partner in crime.



My kind of sign!


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