Hippy Happy Birthday Cheesy!


Yip you got that right, it’s the holey cheeses birthday today and it’s going to be a partay of note… you don’t turn 100 every day come now!

Holeycheese, I was so happy when you started blogging albeit I was a silent reader who laughed lots with the antics of that husband of yours on your blog.  A true blessing in my life you have become.  You are an incredible human who makes me laugh when I need it most, brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart with stories of your three angels only to make me laugh some more when Dude forgets to make more coffee!

Thank you for being who you are to all of us, we’re lucky to have you in our lives, truly!

In honour of your birthday today I got the troops together…


They wanted to do a big show, we got the balloon up in the air and then they ran out of gas *not pleased* so then we resorted to our back up plan


Yeah I know, corny but what can you do when you run out gas! Next year I’ll feed the machine the right product promise! Dang!

I spent hours deliberating on whether to bake you a cake or not then thought it safer to rather take one of Amber’s when she wasn’t looking.  So you guys must dig in before she gets whiff of a missing smell in her house and others smell that you have some!


Hope you have a wonderful birthday huns, may you get spoilt rotten, showered in love, have happy memory making moments and much much much more! 

The Nutters

(quick before California comes back EAT EAT EAT!)




3 thoughts on “Hippy Happy Birthday Cheesy!

  1. aaw! thank you hunny!! 🙂
    You made my smile today!!
    We’re actually done celebrating already (yesterday) since dude is busy today.

    I suppose I’ll have a few hours to finish the cake before Amber wakes up. 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Holeycheese
    Happy Birthday to you.

    I hope you have the greatest, bestest of days.

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