New Harlots’ Sauce e-mag alive and Kicking

hs_dollDon’t know what the hell I am talking about?

The fantastic e-mag Amber and I (Amberfiresanity Design Studio) have been hard at work designing and putting together is officially live to the public wearing it’s new wardrobe with sparkles and pizzazz!

Yip you got it… its alive and with their latest edition for January, unheard podcasts and much much more!

Today, 9 January 2009, it is reborn under a new look and style… yip its LIVE

If you want to go check it out and snoop some inspiration, giggles and laughs, prose and more, click on the below image banner and add the address to your reader (because you are going to get addicted just accept it!)



8 thoughts on “New Harlots’ Sauce e-mag alive and Kicking

  1. I’ve added it to my mobile phone but it’s not that easy to configure although it’s simple to install. Nothing looks like the example on the RSS page on my computer. I’ll try to do it better. I thought it would be cool to read it sometimes from my mobile when I’m in a waiting room or a train etc.
    Great design by the way!

  2. Ammo – Brilliance drains me Ill tell ya… you know that. Not enough wine! Whine WINE…. No time to build our own site. Everyone has been keeping us hopping with paying business. Damn them customers.

    I promise to dream up something amazing soon… like DreamWorks… but not! LOL

  3. Thanks all! We be very exciteds! Ammo what Amber says is what I say on that one, we only have four hands and clients took priority which is how we operate.

    ROFL at dreamworks bring it on sistah!

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