Status friends and Gossiping Mothers

Some people are really funny, when they first meet me they are friendly as chocolate buttons on toast, all melted and soft … then they ask me what I do and I respond with the big red glow in the dark word… Nanny.

Shock horror run for the hills… their once friendly faces grow non committal, their body language changes to cold and within a minute of finding out what I do they excuse themselves and go chat with the other mothers every now and then looking over in my direction.  I absolutely love when this happens and tend to do this on purpose more and more.


True character shows when one gives another a socially diminutive job title.  Fact.  Those who don’t even blink when I utter the word “Nanny”, those who don’t change their body language or start giving me “that look” will see beyond any social status I give them and at least see a part of who I am not what I am.  Those are the people I don’t mind talking to or spending time with because ten to one they will have a depth that reaches further than the up turned noses of the others.

I suppose I could instead tell them that I am a co-owner of a up and coming graphic design company or that I have a famous movie star as a friend back in SA or even that I used to manage projects worth millions to make more friends… but would they be genuine ones?

To those who first meet me I am never who I seem or come across, I keep cards close to my chest and only unveil certain information as time progresses and I have had time to see the type of person you are.

Is this a trust issue? A personality fault? Manipulative?

I think not, instead it is more about who I want in my life and who I just don’t have time for anymore… kind of like Ambermoon’s thought of the day about being the finest cuisine… you don’t really want junk food on the same plate do you?


10 thoughts on “Status friends and Gossiping Mothers

  1. Can’t really relate to holding one’s cards close to one’s chest. Am an open book; yet am judged. May be it is just that; we will get judged, commented & weighed upon anyways!!

  2. “socially diminutive job title” – Nanny? Oh my god.. That is one of the most important jobs on the planet!! To be responsible for children – to assist them on their path – help them – love them.. It takes very special people to be nannies..

    I’m a bit like Apar – total, complete open book (but one that takes a long time to read!!) – and you know what.. I’ve now reached a stage in my life where I don’t care if people judge me – in fact, I think its funny..

  3. I am really surprised that people react to you this way! Maybe because they think they are your kids and then find out they are someone else’s?? I don’t know, but to say that a nanny is a socially diminutive job title makes me mad enough to take your cookies!!!!

  4. lol @ junk food. Did I forget to mention that Beaconsfield is SNOOTY? HAHAHAHAHA Yep, they think they are well… something. Remember the English still believe in the class system, especially where you are honey. Sounds silly but it is true.

    Still, part of me says.. go girl go… and I would be the same.

  5. Apar I couldn’t agree more, for me it is the easiest way to determine a persons true character – I don’t care if they judge me but do care what type of person I associate with because I have been burnt too many times

    Hayden lol I couldn’t agree more albeit dang where is my umbrella!!! Hmph!

    Fibi we are more alike than you think, don’t care either, take me for who I am or not it is your choice and loss. Thanks hun for your kind words 🙂

    Sue lol for me a Nanny is not socially diminutive but to some of those mothers it is, I look nothing like the kids, blonde blue eyed angels, me I’m brunette, blue green eyed and way not as gifted with the figure. Can I have my cookies back? Please?

    Amber I know the class system well, sadly I was brought up in it even though I grew up in SA. My family is very aristocratic and English through and through… I got the snob one oh one lessons from age 0 lol. This though is more to do with seeing through a title to the real person that stands there – guess just written a different way

  6. I find this hilarious – they think that you’re odd because you’re the nanny, and yet in places like Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, you’d be considered odd if you were the actual mother coming to pick her kids up!
    These women who react like this are definitely not worth a moment of your time and I’m glad you realize it!

  7. I kinda sooo agree with Slightly Ignorant above. In places like the top knotch society of the US of A resides, they infact consider it very less of you, if you ever went to pick up your own bio logical kids from school…!!

    Gurl, who cares what the other thinks of you….I know you are for who you are and not what you are {you are a big growing fatt rat by the day *runs away*}

    Oh! Btw, next time, just tell them you are a sweeper ….and challenge them to a game of street sweeping as to who can clean better…bet they can’t even reach out to clean their own bums…! Huh! and they comment on others.

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