Groove is in your heart baby…

Hell yeah, come on… you’re telling me you don’t have groove?

Admittedly it took me a few moments, perhaps a few more than just a few, after first my Windows Live Writer (no comments) had a hissy fit followed by writing out a great (by my standards) post through WordPress dash. Happy me pressed publish only to see ooooo its kapoofed! Yip mageeek found me today and made all my words go kabang into the stratosphere… nice.


I don’t have it just yet but I’m finding it, searching for my new rhythm in life and feeling it’s beat. Nope, not quick work at all. It takes time to readjust, to feel your new surroundings out, learn the skills you have to learn and to dance to that all new beat to life.

I’ve been quiet on your blogs, on my own blog, responding to emails, you name it… I’ve been slacking because I have been run off my feet in other areas… Right now and for the last little while it is as if there are 10 different tunes floating up in the air to each a different beat that I have to keep time with. I’m a good dancer but not that good and there are some moves I am still learning.

I am going to try write each day, sometimes it may just be waffles on toast and other times it may be stuff from my soul… all depends on the energy available for the day, both mind, body and soul. I’m also going to try read at least one of your posts each day, I’ve trimmed my reader down quite a bit for the time being, pretty traumatic exercise just between you and me but it needed to be done considering how many blogs I used to read.

Thank you all for sticking by me, thank you for the patience… sooon this chick will have her groove back to a whole new rhythm, 10 tunes will become one once more and I’ll be groooovy baby grooovy!


6 thoughts on “Groove is in your heart baby…

  1. Groove in your own time, please! A rushed or forced dance isn’t worth as much as you’d think, you know what I mean? Dance from your heart and your mind and your fingers, and whether it’s waffle or pearls of wisdom that come out, I’ll be reading it πŸ™‚

  2. I hear you.. Understand completely.. Your posts are always enjoyable – no matter what you talk about – You have a rare gift & a rare heart.. Find your groove – the beat will change as you change.. Take care..

  3. Hi, i found you while checking my sitemeter stats—like to see what interests others are interested in y’know. nice place you have here. were we to cross paths in the brick n mortar rather than the cyber world, i would most happily hit the dance floor and groove with you and your pals πŸ™‚

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