Life suckers

Oh the rhymes you can get just from that word alone… admit it and say it out loud… go on dare ya!

Life suckers that gain glee from finding a fresh piece of juicy meat to gnaw their mangy blunt teeth on.  You know the type, the ones that latch on and suck you dry of all you have replacing your positivity with negativity, inch by inch you become a prune of what you used to be.

Wrinkles covering our faces are nothing like the ones inside, being sucked dry from inside out leaves deeper grooves than could ever be seen upon your external skin and the damage far deeper.  Depending on how long the sucker has been leeached onto you, your body will start immitating the state of your soul.  Your walk will change and become sluggish, your feet not quite lifting off the street as you walk, your head is heavier and leans more forward than straight upwards, instead of facing the world your eyes fall to the fall.

Life suckers are killers, there is no pretty way of putting it and point blank they don’t deserve the meat they are sucking on, you.

Symptoms of the Life Sucker virus:

Guilt trips for simple things, this may include things such as not wanting to do something that the other wants to do in the form of “Fine, sure, I’ll go alone” or “Well I won’t eat alone so I’ll just skip”.  The list for this one is long and varied, take your pick and add it to the list.

You discuss something exciting, either an idea or something you want to do, with them and they turn around and give you a negative either about why you can’t do it or point blank why it won’t work without stopping to hear you out.

They criticize you in anything you do, nothing that you do seems to meet the grade even though they miss the boat more often than not

You greet them with happiness and they respond with negatives either about you or themselves

They expect you to fix their lives instantly and when you do something to help them they turn round and spit in your face

You listen to them for hours and they ask your advice only to turn round and do the opposite or better yet ignore everything only to come back to you soon after to talk about it all over again.

They treat you well to your face and then when you turn your back you find that others come to you telling you things about yourself you didn’t even know

Place more here…

The list is long, perhaps you recognise a life sucker in your life and can think of more examples.  If you’re willing to share lets hear them, the more comprehensive list of symptoms we can get the better equipped we will all be in extracting this killer virus, sometimes hidden by smiles, from our lives once and for all.

The thing is, once you realise you have a life sucker in your life extracting those mangy blunt teeth is not as easy as appearances belie.   Sometimes those teeth belong to family members, life long friends or even people we can’t easily remove from our lives such

as work colleagues and the likes there of.

The only cure is the realisation of what they are, once you’ve come to this realisation that they are Life Suckers you will start noticing all the things that they do to you, the things that drain you of your spirit, your energy, positivity and happiness.  Once you start noticing all the little things they slowly start building up to the point that you have enough resistance to their venom and become strong enough to say “Enough is enough” or better yet “I am worth more than this, I want my energy and life force back, fuck off”

Yeah I swore, no pretty way of saying it like I said.  Ok so perhaps not in those exact words but you get the point, perhaps you can soften it up by telling them to go find someone else to suck dry because you’re done or tell them that they need to find happiness within themselves because living and laughing for two doesn’t quite work.

Killers these Life Suckers are, don’t let them suck you dry because one day you’ll wake up and you will be the very thing that sucked you dry.

Scary shit

Swore again but how else do you say it with the same emphasis?

Take back your life, it’s time…


7 thoughts on “Life suckers

  1. “You greet them with happiness and they respond with negatives either about you or themselves”

    Usually this is the first clue you’ll get. When you recognize it, you should run – not walk – away.

  2. hey… that pic could be me… I had to look and think hard.. but I can’t remember you taking something like that… so can’t be me… :).

    Life suckers just, well, they suck. And its better to burn them off (like you do with ticks?)…. or just throw lots of tick and flea powder on them so that they suffocate and have to get their silly heads OUT of your soft tissue!!! GO AWAY LIFE SUCKERS!!! WHooo hooo!!! Doesn’t it feel good to say that?

  3. Yes, life suckers, the vampires of life that cannot stand that another person may be contented, if they themselves are miserable…..

    So, that is when, as soon as we are strong enough to fight them off, that we build a skin that is tougher than leather, than iron, and the suckers cannot get through, but there is a space in our shield for those that are not vampires……….

    Great post, my dear!!!

  4. Time to look Away

    You looked at your sons face with dreams of Joy.
    Imaging the life that awaits him
    Then one night everything you have given that son is taken.

    In the darkest of night his seed is captured
    The predator is a descendant from a family of life suckers
    The entire nest will suck the life out of your son.
    From the moment the seed is planted in the womb, the colony swarms
    alienating anyone who might threaten the colony.

    Your son will be alienated from all that love him.
    He may feel so alone, all he has left are the self serving flock.
    This life sucking colony is so over powering
    that a few of their own pure of heart will chose death to escape their nest.

    In this nest you will find few men
    they have slowly been disposed of
    Like a praying Mantis who’s closest relative is the cockroach
    They destroy the seed provider.

    As a mother you believe the unconditional love you have given your son
    left him vulnerable
    Now with bitterness in your heart
    all that is left for you to do is run and look away
    You can not save him
    forced to look away
    You know you have tried, you know you gave all you could
    but now it is reality, it is over, he has been possessed
    overcome by their venom, inflicted with their virus
    It is time to try to heal yourself
    so the sorrow and torment can heal
    you must just look away.

    Is my son currently looking into the eyes of his son
    with dreams of joy

    Written by Kathy Ann July 7, 2009

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