“You’re not normal, you do know that don’t you?”

Totally random post, where it is going who knows.

I’m not normal, I get told that daily by those who both know me and don’t know me just yet.

I love boy movies but also really enjoy a good chick flick.

I laugh at boy humour and tend to have a really dirty sharp witted mind which most women just go hmm to, its way more fun

I know how to change a car’s tyre but don’t have a legal driver’s license – you know the story of why but for those that don’t it involved a traffic officer connecting to the bonnet of the car I was driving during my test.

I hate dirty nails and wash my hands possibly more than normal people always moisturizing them afterwords but like to get them dirty

I can’t garden to save my life and yet I love smelling flowers and freshly cut grass that I mowed, plants die quite quickly under my watch, so fast that it could possibly be put into the Guiness Book of World Records.  Bought a bonsai the one day and by the next morning it was pushing up daisy’s (seriously now)

I showed someone how to take the inside panels the doors of a car off today and how to replace the side mirror, do the electronics and put it all back together again.

I love dogs but can’t stand to pick up their feces, ewwwww that is a boys job same goes for any kind of extrement from anything, if it smells its someone elses job.  Wasn’t much fun living alone I can tell you.

I can put most things together without a manual but I will get you more lost than lost if you asked me directions.  I once took a person on an hour and a half journey through 5 different downs that should have taken 15 minutes and through one, the one we live in.

My strongest sense is visual perceptual which boys say is not normal for girls to have, you say it and I can see it, careful… but this really helps with idea generation and creations 🙂

I am a qualified computer hardware technician and find it easy to learn anything to do with a computer but once, when I first started out in that industry I got really frustrated and took a hammer to a hard drive.  It gave me much pleasure and yes the hammer had been spray painted pink by the other tech’s in the office.

I hate politics but keep track of what is going on, worse yet I understand the technicalities and the bigger picture…

I love Winnie the Pooh and even have a huge plush toy of him that I like to sleep with even at 30.

I hate allowing others to pay for me even for a drink if it is not by “rounds” and always keep tabs on what is owed by myself to others.

I love painting my toenails and doing girly things, I even read the odd OK mag though admittedly I look more to the make up and hair styles of the who’s who.

Guess I am writing this post because I confuse even myself lol, perhaps I am in part celebrating the fact that I am not normal and can’t be stereotyped… perhaps I think its time for a few in my life to wake up and realise this fact.

A bigger perhaps for you… perhaps I have started to accept who I am and love myself for it, wanted to share that and for those that know of the journey to get here… you heard it first…

I love myself for who I am


9 thoughts on ““You’re not normal, you do know that don’t you?”

  1. saw something the other day, about how we live within our own minds, with full length mirrors surrounding us, so the image is always from ourselves. it was worded more artfully, but i think there are two points; 1. we can always only be who we are; and 2. we can see beyond the mirrors.

  2. I think the term is “Multi-faceted”.. You have dimensions to you that will never allow for the sterotype to kick in. I am so happy for you that you have accepted and fallen in love with who you are in all your glory – such a wonderful gift..

    We are so similar.. I am constantly getting told that I am not “normal” – but then again, I don’t believe anyone is. If you dig the surface of anyone, you will find they have their own story – their own unique abilities and way to view the world – most of the time what they project out is a mask..

    Cool post..

  3. I don’t think anyone is built into one single piece. We are complex brainy machines and there are often several parts of ourselves that we don’t accept and tend to ignore.
    It was so good to read that you were beginning to love yourself! Wow

  4. If someone could explain to me what “normal” is, this whole things would be so much easier. I feel to many people “try” to be normal not knowing just what that is. We should just live the way we see fit. I feel we would be so much happier that way. You change my tires and I’ll tend to your garden 😉

  5. SurfaceEarth, I couldn’t agree more, we can definitely see past those mirrors and in addition the mirrors of others 🙂 Wise words indeed!

    Fibi you hit the nail on the head, we are all not normal besides normal is way boring, seriarsely seriarsely boring! Like I said in some things we are two peas in a pod! When you bring your three tigers and yourself to visit sunny summery Englands???

    Mssc rofl how come you always able to get me spilling my cawfee??? huh punk?

    Psych, thanks huns!

    Froggy, there are parts of all of us that we ignore and then there are parts of us we are still discovering… I think the trick is to never stop looking for more pieces to the puzzle that is us! Thanks huns!

    Joy, you got yourself a deal for sure! Think we should live to our max and not be scared of our wholes… wise words as always!

  6. watching this happen :

    “A bigger perhaps for you… perhaps I have started to accept who I am and love myself for it, wanted to share that and for those that know of the journey to get here… you heard it first…

    I love myself for who I am”

    in your life the past year has been one of the highlight of my blogging in 2008

  7. Yay yay yay!

    And being “different” is not a bad thing!

    I wear push-up bra’s and can remove spiders…
    I get gel (false) toe nails put on and yet I can wire a plug…
    I wear make-up and yet I run down the side of buildings…

    I am probably more boy than girl, but I am slowly learning how to be the woman that I am… Its taken a while… But I am slowly but surely becoming more feminine… without losing my “boyish” charm…

    Oh… and a while back, upon first meeting me… most girls thought I was lesbian… the boys of course just adored me… 😉

    What I am trying to say… is that so long as YOU are happy in YOUR own skin…. what else is there?

    I am so soooooooo happy to read these writings!!! You are really shining you know that? I am sending you the biggest hugs my friend!!! I wish I could just pop over and smile at you! Go for lunch and talk about those orange sheets and how few trees are in Blouberg… but so long as you know that my thoughts are with you… smiling with you…

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