An arb post

I wrote a post about how homesick I was but wordpress deleted all my words when I pressed publish, probably for the best because I feel a tad beaten and bruised.  Missing my friends back home, lunch dates with Bojinx and drinks with Nix, the things I crave today of all days.  Can’t seem to block it today.

No amount of words can calm a missing heart, I know  I just have to kick myself in the arse and get on with it

Ah life and the tricks it plays on you, I am soulfully tired today, please forgive me.


12 thoughts on “An arb post

  1. Oh, Aud… Poor thing. Homesickness is hard to deal with, especially when you left home so abruptly. How about a transatlantic phone call to hear your girlfriends’ voices? That might ease, if not do away with, the feeling of missing them.
    I’m sending you hugs from my far-away abode, and hope that you’ll find solace in your art and remember how much you dreamed of going to England!

  2. I’m with SI. There is almost nothing as painful as homesickness. It’s a real pain and not imagined. I truly hope you can get in and get your art stuff. I have felt this and know how it can really get you down. Let yourself feel it but not for to long. Remember what SI said and now you dreamed of being where you are now.

  3. There are many contributing factors I’ll be honest but homesickness is tops who woulda thunk! Im not a caller by nature so we’ll see and in my emotional state right now I shouldn’t call anyone let alone speak to anyone lol oi vey someone just kick me!

    I’ll be fine, just zoning a bit I think – got a few things to sort out that I don’t really have the energy to.

    Hugs to you both, thanks as always for your kind words

  4. Thinking of you and hope you can beat the homesickness quick.
    Just think that after a while you’ll be able to afford the flights there and visit your friends maybe several times in a year if you wish.
    There is a lot of South African fermented grapejuice in England, that could help you a bit to feel home 🙂

  5. Sending big hugs my love……. homesickness does suck, for sure. No matter what the circumstances were there, you have people that you love and miss still there, and that brings on an ache.

    Hang in there….

  6. Awww missing loved ones??? Horrible feeling. With 95% of my blood family all across the great United States I feel this way often too. Hearing a familiar kind voice may help though and I’m betting that they miss you more than you know! Keep your chin up girl!

  7. I misses you to my friend.

    And… well, the missing really doesn’t get any easier… you just get more used to it. Sorry. Wish I could say that it does get easier… but I’ve been missing my family and friends for ever now… and, well, it just kinda becomes a part of you… the missing… the missing part…

    please don’t forget to send me yer mobile number… then I can text you…

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