To wish upon an eyelash

A couple of days ago I found an eyelash upon the cheek of a 7 year old little boy, I told him to trust me and carefully put it on to my finger and told him to blow it off while making a wish.  He at first just looked at me as if I was mad then he asked me the famous why.  I told him that it is a tradition and that eyelashes found on cheeks are both very rare and very lucky, that if he makes a wish while he blows the eyelash off my finger the Universe hears it and will try make it come true.

He didn’t really understand, was petrified of blowing it off my finger wrong and when it came time to make the wish he squeesed his eye really tightly shut and said it out loud in a gush as if he was scared he would run out of time.  He then asked me about others who have had the same opportunity to wish upon a fallen eyelash and I told him the story of the little boy in the orphanage.

He was a little boy, small for his age and an orphan.  This little boy had never had the opportunity of knowing his mama or papa, all he knew were the other kids in the orphanage and the minders that looked and watched over him.  One day while out playing in the garden a plane flew over and he was fascinated.  As it flew over his head and the drone of its engines roared he fell in love with them, as he lay in bed each night he would dream of going on one and seeing one in real life.

A few days later one of the minders was checking his hair and found a little eyelash lying on his cheek.  She went through the same process as I and asked the little boy to make a wish, he wished to go on a plane, a jet plane with big engines just like the one that flew over his head.  This little boy hadn’t had much hope in his life and as time went on he was scared that he would be let down again, that the universe had not heard him, or worse yet, didn’t care.

Two months slowly passed and as time moved forward the little boy started to lose hope of his wish ever coming true, each day he would speak to the universe and remind him of his wish and look out for more planes in the sky above.  He carried on as normal, played, laughed, survived… till one day upon his pillow lay an envelope and it was addressed to him!

Tentativly he openned the envelope and inside he found a note from the Universe saying “Your wish has come true, this saturday you are going to go on a big BIG plane and sit with the pilots up front as they fly to Johannesburg and back”, the note was signed “With lots of love, The Universe”.

The little boy’s wish had come true and he couldn’t believe it! The universe heard him! The universe loved him! Finally something was going right for the little boy and he had a little bit more belief that sometimes in life things do happen as we want them to.

What the little boy, or my 7 year old for that matter, do not know is that the minder who found his eyelash and told him to wish had gone off after hearing his wish and called everyone she knew and told them about what happened.  She spoke to people and got them to speak to others collecting money donations asking them to spread the word about the little boys wish to fly.  The news reached the ears of a pilot working for SAA and he spoke to his boss, upon hearing the story the big boss agreed with the pilot that the little kid deserved a break and organised a VIP trip, cockpit seats and a special tour of the plane before anyone got on board.

Sometimes the Universe does answer our wishes, “it” just does so through the people in our lives.

My 7 year old made comments about the universe not hearing, about how the universe isn’t going to answer his wish and I could see the fear in his little blue eyes.  Tonight I decided that the universe needed to write a little note and tell him that he was working on his wish but in the mean time he stole an egg from the Easter Bunnies secret stash and not to tell the Easter bunny about it either.

His face was more than pure joy, his happiness ran deep and I hope that through this he will learn that sometimes wishes do come true, sometimes they take longer than we expect, sometimes we get something similar or different but none the less good for us and perhaps even better than what we had wished for.


8 thoughts on “To wish upon an eyelash

  1. I had never heard of the “eye lash” wish. How wonderful of you to do this. What a great tradition to have. You never fail to amaze me dear one. Wouldn’t you know you’d know where the Easter Bunny’s secret stash is!!! To think you try and blame “mn” for stolen sweets!!!! The truth eventually comes out. 😉

  2. I had not heard of the eyelash wish either, but it’s wonderful! Sometimes, the universe needs a little help and then you find some angels to help the wish along and you make one little boy so happy that it fills your heart with joy. That’s what it’s all about!

  3. This is something I’ve done for as long as I can remember. The problem with Bailey and the whole wishing thing is he gets frustrated when the wish doesn’t come true right then!! Absolutely beautiful!!!! What you did for that lil boy was more than amazing! I literally have goosebumps from that!!

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