Moving forward with Speed bumps…

Its odd how one comes full circle without even being aware of it.  My life has taken so many turns since I last concentrated on writing on my blog.  Twists and turns, hills and valleys its been constantly bombarding my multi-tasking senses and warping my wants versus what I really need.

I left South African on one pretence only to land in another, they say to tell God a good joke you tell him your plans! My God is that the truth!

I am now sitting in America studying towards an Associates Degree in Advertising Design, have a Partner that is turning into long term and look after his two small kids, drive (a miracle) and work when I can.

I hit a speed bump tonight with the realization that I long to write and to re-assess what was versus what is, what I want versus what I need.  I honestly don’t know where I am or what I am doing, it is mostly auto-pilot with hopes and prayers that I am doing it right.

I never dreamed that I would actually be studying, going to college let alone in a foreign country.  I never dreamt that I would live in America, for me it was always going to be Europe.  I thought I would be failing college, my high school career is dotted with wonderful bad marks and notes from teachers telling me that I should work harder.

Writing the the midterm last week though was another speed bump, a speed bump because I could barely get the time to study and got a A+.  I am not bragging but merely exploring the truth that your circumstances in school really do have a lot to do with the results you produce.  Many I guess have come to this realisation long ago but while I was working in the recruitment field this was one of the big things I was told to look out for when recruiting… good marks at school.

Another is that I am really enjoying a class that was last minute, Sociology.  It goes through the why’s and the how’s of society, the inner workings and the results that come out the other end.  In short… People.  The things they discuss in class has re-ignited a deep passion within me, one that has my heart beating again and my head thinking once more.

Speed bump.

I am studying Advertising Design, a course based on design and business, advertising

Sociology is polar to it in every sense.

I guess I have a lot to think on, whether I will change my direction once more to that of people instead of design or stick with what I am doing and finish it then decide where I’m going.

Speed bumps, you gotta love them!


9 thoughts on “Moving forward with Speed bumps…

  1. Your Life is unfolding before you.Why do you blog? Does it make you feel better about yourself? You shouldn’t be surprised you got an A without studying. College is far far FAR easier then High school. Especially the first classes you take. You have absolutely nothing to complain about. You dont even have anything to worry about. All you have to do is keep your autopilot on. If only life was that simple for everyone. Youre one lucky bitch, i hope you realize that. You seem to be reveling in the joy of repetition. you can only wait for things to come your way for so long. Soon youll realize all your hardwork was for nothing. I have a feeling youre going to marry into a financially stable life and never have to work another day of your life. God if only life was that simple for everyone. You sure are one lucky B***

    1. If only life were that simple, yes I enjoy blogging, I used to blog more regularily though life has taken me away from it for a little while… hopefully I’ll get back to it soon. Lucky? I don’t know, it has taken a lot of blood, sweat, therapy and strange happenings to get where I am and I am no where near what you claim to be something that is going to just happen. I don’t want the whole marriage with white picket fence, never have and I seriously doubt I’ll marry the man who will keep me like a kept woman… I am not someone who can be kept. Sounds like perhaps you are going through a rough patch – all I can say is that it takes both the rain and the sunshine to make life what it is, you take the good and the bad and the bad makes the good feel that much better. I am grateful for my life each and every day even on the days when I wonder about God’s sense of humor!

      1. Dear “Maxxis202”,
        I believe you have no right to say these sorts of things to someone who is living her life. You have no right to call someone decent a “bitch” as you evidently have. Just as much as she has right to express her opinion and thoughts, you have the right to leave this blog page and NOT comment. If you don’t like anything you see, please, for future reference, don’t go attacking it and hurting people as you do. I’m sure if everyone were to do this we’d break down into anarchy, and may social degradation take place – we’ll have hit the age of decadence in no time.

        I hope you’ll remember to cherish what you have and not to let your own feelings etc race ahead of you and influence every single thing you say, only to let it explode in random fury of typing these horrible comments. Thanks for reading, I just felt like I had an obligation to defend someone whose faith doesn’t die. Whatever happens, nothing is as horrible as you make it – tonnes of people waste their lives trapped in a web of self-induced depression (who doesn’t have their own worries) but if we all broke down and forgot about
        what we had… that’s when life is truly not worth living.

        memento vivere, dear chap and cheer up 🙂

        “Everything is gonna be alright. Be strong. Believe.”

      2. Apologies for the lateness of my reply, I have been out of the blogging scene for a couple of years now and only just read it! Thanks so much for your kind words and I couldn’t agree more with you. Maxxis obviously needed to let off steam, would be interesting to know if they feel any different 2 years down the line lol! Thanks again!

  2. It has been too long my friend. I am very happy to see you on this journey. You seem to have a handle of the road pretty well. Speed bumps and all. Miss reading your words… hope all is well 🙂

  3. I always enjoy reading your stuff…would love to sit in a coffee house and talk for hours..the light hearted stuff as well as the stuff from your college class that ignites the fire.

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