The Arm Called It

I have wanted to write about the arm for a number of years but found myself avoiding even thinking about what happened to “It” or what still happens.

I have spent the last 5 years surviving day by day, learning to live in my new skin.  Quite literally.

So here I write about what happened in hope that someone out there could perhaps figure out what continues to happen to the arm.

Intense hives growing in and around my scars.

The History:

On July 3rd 2012 I went in for a Left wrist arthroscopy, partial synovectomy and debridement. The surgery lasted 1.5 hours in which I was cooked.

Turned out the equipment they used on my arm was hot out of the autoclave the result of which was 10 2nd and 3rd degree burns over my forearm and hand.

I proceeded to go through 4 months of burn treatment, hyperbaric chamber treatments and physical therapy.

My wrist and hand were frozen stiff for the first 2 weeks after the surgery after which I went through physical therapy firstly to remember how to use my fingers and hand.

Physical therapy was a challenge for the first 2 months due to the fact that my wounds restricted my movement.

I was released from Burn Treatment at the end of October.  At this point physical therapy stopped.

Fast forward to June 2013 when I see another surgeon to determine what is wrong with my hand and wrist. I had continued sharp pain and aches in my wrist.  He read the surgical case file from the previous Surgeon 1 and determined that my ligament damage was more extensive.  He stated that I would need further surgery in the form of a tendon transplant or pin within 2 years.

At this point I decided to manage the pain and start living again at the same time constantly protecting my hand by wearing a brace.  I do not like surgery.

April 2016 my ligament finally snapped, I found yet another surgeon and he then proceeded to do a tendon transplant in my hand in order to stabilize my bones in May.

I am still in physical therapy.

The Problem:

Since December 2012 I have had hives that form in and around my scars.  They start off as pinpricks and progressively grown in size.  The itch is intense and can sometimes take over my brain (can’t think/can’t talk).  They aren’t the same size and they can sometimes cover a third of my arm at any given time.

These hives are localized to only the scars.

I have spoken to a number of medical professionals and each have a different answer.  So far the thoughts are auto-immune, nerve damage and nerves misfiring.


The photos I have put on a separate blog in order to save those who don’t want gruesome. If you feel like an investigator and like a mystery let me know and I’ll send you a link.


No one can tell me what causes them or how to stop them.


I desperately want to stop them


PG Photos


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