Being an Ordinary Superhero

Originally posted Jan 2009 It’s a hard life being a Superhero don’t you think? I mean you get up out of bed, put your special gear on, decide whether to put your underwear under your clothes or above, brush your sparklies in your mouth and hopefully your hairballs, don some funky kick ass shoes and start your day. You either walk or jump in your … Continue reading Being an Ordinary Superhero

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

Halloween has a mixed bag of reviews.  Some in the world see it as evil and pure pagan, against their God and all they believe in.  Some “celebrate” it just for fun, they get exciting when they start to plan their outfits, bake their cakes, prepare the apples and just in general its excitement in Capitals. Others don’t even know of its existence. Those others … Continue reading Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

[place your politicians name here]

“Its always their fault isn’t it, never ours, no no no, don’t be crazy, how one earth can it be our fault? Come now, don’t be ridiculous, us? NEVER will it be our fault, hell no, get a life, wake up, smell some coffee. It’s not our fault it’s theirs!!!” “WAIT!” “What do you mean it is my fault? How dare you even begin to … Continue reading [place your politicians name here]

Cure Chronic Intracranial Hypertension (IH)!

I have a HUGE but not so huge favour to ask of each and every one of you that read this blog, if you are reading this please go to “Will you give a moment of your time for those who suffer?” and follow through to vote for this fund. Some of you may know Amber over at AmberMoon, some of you may not, either … Continue reading Cure Chronic Intracranial Hypertension (IH)!

It’s because…

It’s because… I am a woman It’s because… I am a man It’s because… I am White It’s because… I am White-[add country here] It’s because… I am African It’s because… I am African-[add country here] It’s because… I am Asian It’s because… I am Asian-[add country here] It’s because… I am Latino It’s because… I am Latino-[add country here] It’s because… I come from … Continue reading It’s because…