Latemer Wonders

Yesterday we went off to Latemer, a small secluded little villiage untouched by tourists (that I know of) for a snow adventure. I naturally forgot the tripod and realised the true beauty of an automatic lens but had incredible fun playing manual lol… here are a few snaps from the adventure, no humans were hurt while filming and of course not viewable here… they’re going … Continue reading Latemer Wonders

America… soon soon soon

It’s the reason I have been so quiet this week, spent majority of it either working, fending myself in snow wars (true progression from snow fights) and preparing my documents for the Embassy interview which turned out to be plural. 5am yesterday morning I got up and checked my documents for the millionth time (wish it was an over exaggeration)  and at about 6.30 peeked … Continue reading America… soon soon soon

Whats so wrong with a snoWOman with cleavage huh?

All you ever see is snowmen with nothing but carrot noses and stick arms.  Yip you guessed it, I now officially have a new appreciation for a “snow day” ie snowed in, cars won’t move and last time I ventured out for a(nother) snow fight it was at its deepest mid calf. Now take a moment to sit back and appreciate.  I am a souf … Continue reading Whats so wrong with a snoWOman with cleavage huh?