The story of how I almost killed myself and why I am happy I didn’t…

No this is not Jerry Springer nor is it manufactured for the benefit of anyone, its a hard cold fact to swallow, but I almost died by my own hands and yes I really am grateful and happy that I didn’t succeed. Suicide has been around for eons, since the beginning of times, it is not a new phenomena but rather ancient practice. Some used … Continue reading The story of how I almost killed myself and why I am happy I didn’t…

Just one of those wonderful PTSD Triggers

It’s funny how things don’t come out until triggered. Things from the past that haunt your subconscious mind triggered into the waking moments of little to no consequence. My physical therapist has me on my stomach often to do weird things to my nerves and muscles in my shoulders and back.  I don’t like being on my stomach. I don’t like it for very specific … Continue reading Just one of those wonderful PTSD Triggers

You can still be free

It’s funny how some songs find you, once long lost they make their way back to your ears, for what ever reason they replay within the walls of your mind as the mundane tasks progress and life ticks forward. This song’s lyrics are so powerful, more powerful perhaps for their undercurrent meaning.  We get lost even though we seem found, we can feel sadness within … Continue reading You can still be free


Big word filled with different connotations The official definition is… de⋅sen⋅si⋅tize [dee-sen-si-tahyz] Pronunciation –verb (used with object), -tized, -tiz⋅ing. 1.  to lessen the sensitiveness of. 2.  to make indifferent, unaware, or the like, in feeling. The big question as to the truth behind that word is how does one become desensitized to the circumstances either of the world or in our immediate circumstances. According to … Continue reading Desensitisation

Self tanning for life

Yesterday while out walking I caught a glimpse of my newly tanned legs sporting shorts that I haven’t fitted in to for years and was so chuffed with myself! I can’t tell you how exciting it was the fact that the mere sight of my bare skin didn’t cause my eyes to get glare cramp. Yip, you know the one where you look at something … Continue reading Self tanning for life