A mixed world of polar bear differences

It shocked me today to hear out of an eight year olds mouth that he didn’t believe in charity.  At first I thought he was joking and made the comment that it couldn’t be true only to hear him confirm that he doesn’t believe in charity.  He went on to say that he has never seen it, the only charity he has ever seen is … Continue reading A mixed world of polar bear differences

An African in England Questioned

A little while ago I wrote An African Questioned… about all the questions I have received with regards to being African and growing up in Africa.  This is part two to that “Interview”, An African in England Questioned. Question: So are you finding England safer now, more relaxed walking down the street? My Answer: Well the one thing is I don’t need to look out … Continue reading An African in England Questioned

Song of the day.. Here comes the sun.. The Beatles..

I think this is a good for Sanityfound to wake up to… it has been a long cold lonely winter for her in her life.  And I think she is finally seeing some sunshine.  We could all use some sunshine now and then.  I could sure use some. Can’t you?  How appropriate this song….   Here comes the sun, doot in doo doo, here comes … Continue reading Song of the day.. Here comes the sun.. The Beatles..

How to survive a shark attack

1: Don’t swim in the ocean. Ninety-nine percent of all shark attacks take place in exceptionally large bodies of water also known as oceans. The way to determine if you are currently in an ocean is to taste the water, which should be salty. 2: Listen out for the music. In the event that you are foolish enough to swim in an ocean, listen carefully … Continue reading How to survive a shark attack

Crime pays!

grand-theft-auto-4Got this in an email and thought it interesting – any truth in it you  think?

Crime definitely pays!

After I was a victim of crime in 2005, I attended many crime discussions, brain storming and therapy sessions. At each of these discussions the question came up on how to tackle the symptoms of crime.

The only question never raised was:

Question:  “What is the influence of crime on the S.A. Government?”

Answer:   Crime generates millions and millions of Rand’s for the S.A. Government

Here are the facts:

Example 1:

Take just one million home owners in Gauteng (Johannesburg area) who pay for “armed crime reaction” (not crime prevention) where private security companies react AFTER the crime has taken place – no wonder they never make any arrests!

This service costs on average R250 p.m. Therefore 1 000,000 x R240.00 X 12 months x 14% VAT, generates R403 million in tax revenue for the S.A. Government!

Example 2:

A car thief steals a R500,000 car and receives between R10,000 and R30,000 for his deed.

The car owner is paid out by insurance and then purchases another similar vehicle, on which he pays 14% VAT of approx R70,000 as a direct result of crime. Who profited the most? The thief or the S.A. Government?

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