Mourning a different kind of loss

Originally posted Jan 7, 2009.  I have brought this post forward due to the number of people who have found it helpful, many who do not want their comments posted for reasons we can all understand and appreciate.  Thank you for all your kind words, you inspire me and others everyday!   If you have ever spoken to a therapist or someone who has studied … Continue reading Mourning a different kind of loss

Handling the unexpected

If you were sailing along in a beautiful yacht laughing and enjoying the ride when suddenly a big unexpected storm hits and over turns the very thing you were just standing enjoying yourself on, what would your immediate response be? Shock Bleep Oh God What the hell Bleep Oh no Numb Numb Numb Shock or Oh dang my yacht!!! WTH Stupid bleep bleep bleep harbour … Continue reading Handling the unexpected

Weekly Fruit Salad ~ संख्या अठारह

That folks is Hindi, fancy writing that looks like a pretty picture of sorts but stands for Number Eighteen.  Eighteen weeks of fruity bits and pieces and now a new format, fewer links, more sanity, even more insanity and a few sprinkles.  How are posts selected?  Through out the week I read about 50 blogs (I’ve trimmed) through Google reader.  Every time I come across … Continue reading Weekly Fruit Salad ~ संख्या अठारह

Rainbow Spotting

Do you remember as a kid looking out the window or into the sky in search of a rainbow? Don’t know about you but I absolutely loved rainbows and would get so excited when I spotted one.  As the rains came down I’d often just sit by the window and look out, waiting, hoping, wishing for that break in the cloud, those few rays of … Continue reading Rainbow Spotting

Slaying the Monsters

Self worth and love are interesting creatures.  When they aren’t present things  can turn nasty beyond our comprehension, the two silent killers. Think Godzilla with a bit of King Kong mixed in with Anaconda and Winnie the Pooh (sorry Pooh Bear). Monster 1: Nada-del-self-worth I am not worthy of their love I don’t deserve to be happy I don’t deserve the success The success I … Continue reading Slaying the Monsters

The myth of the Snake Whisperer

They won’t always be like that They will change I know they will They’ve had a hard life, you can’t blame them They are suffering I know that it won’t be long before they snap out of it Soon I just know it It’s only a phase They love me I know they do, deep down they do They will change Bullshit They’re never going … Continue reading The myth of the Snake Whisperer

I am a worthwhile person who deserves love, friendship and kindness

No I was not paid to say that Once upon a time I was chatting to one particular friend and it came about that the one word we said with incredible regularity was “sorry”.  We both did. It got so ridiculous that we just stopped one day and said “Right the next person to say THAT word gets to write a post of the others … Continue reading I am a worthwhile person who deserves love, friendship and kindness