Q&A: Tracking visits & Views to your blog

Question: Is there a more complete way to track visits/views than just simply clicking on “stats”? Answer: I have tried a number of stats counters and have found that Sitemeter is the most user friendly and comprehensive.  Through their statistics tracking you have way more options than the others such as: Sitemeter is so good its scary, you can either see who is checking your … Continue reading Q&A: Tracking visits & Views to your blog

Q&A: Google Reader and the "What I am reading" widget

There are a number of us that want to share with others the posts we read,   what we find amazing or just funny but with no way of doing it. I have found while trawling through the "sphere" that Google Reader is to be both the easiest and safest with easy usability and functionality.  If you don’t have an account with Google it is easy … Continue reading Q&A: Google Reader and the "What I am reading" widget

Joy reaches 50,000 whoohooo!!!

A HUGE congratulations to Joy and her family on their 50,000 YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Yips that is her up there, super gran to three awesome kiddies… Joy, huns, I am so blessed to have met you in this here blogosphere, you have made it worth every second just by being you. Thank you for your love, compassion, wisdom and humour… there have been many a day where … Continue reading Joy reaches 50,000 whoohooo!!!

Weekly Fruit Salad ~ [place number here]

Found a new wrinkle today so decided to just plain avoid numbers all together. I mean when I look in the mirror it’s still me, the 18 year old staring back at me… you know? Phew what a week it has been, admittedly the “One Giant Step” moment, yeah I don’t even need to tell you which one that was!  Obama, Obama, Obama, a Day … Continue reading Weekly Fruit Salad ~ [place number here]