Masonry Queen becomes Patient Gardener

I am the definition of contradiction, I am the Queen Mason and Patient Gardener, I am both and all at the same time. From the age of naught, since the time I was but a spec on the imagination of my mother and possibly my fathers mind’s, I have been the Gardener in the people I meet’s lives. A wilting flower? No sweat I will … Continue reading Masonry Queen becomes Patient Gardener

Phew is it another one?

As the weeks pass they just seem to be getting better and better to the point that this morning, while trying to fall out of bed, I found myself unable to walk. Why? Because of a full chockablock week of laughter and inspiration has made my body ache. Oh how I have cried from laughing so hard with tears streaming down my cheeks only to … Continue reading Phew is it another one?

Hold on little butterfly

Constantly creepin’ caterpillar, Still a swoon in a cocoon. Soon you might emerge, And you’re made to emerge. A little longing to love, lush, Starving for affection. Hidden by the size of my perfection, With one exception… If you wanna butterfly, You gotta be a butterfly. You know that nothing falls out of the sky. Still a swoon in a cocoon. If you wanna butterfly, … Continue reading Hold on little butterfly