Working winter to enjoy the Summer

I don’t know about you, but I suffer from the Winterassgrowth disease, yip you know the one where you get all cosy, eat more, less exercise and just be, that one.  Much like a squirrel storing its supplies for hibernation our bodies tend to hit this mode, anything we eat it keeps some back in “supplies” to keep our bodies warm. So if you are … Continue reading Working winter to enjoy the Summer

Looking back, Looking forward

Ah a month of milestones it looks like it will be. On the 24th of this month it  will be a year since I first started blogging and boy has a lot happened in this last year.  If asked how this year has been I can honestly turn round to you and say “Holy macaroni” aka “it’s been a true adventurous wtf year”.  It truly … Continue reading Looking back, Looking forward