Mourning a different kind of loss

Originally posted Jan 7, 2009.  I have brought this post forward due to the number of people who have found it helpful, many who do not want their comments posted for reasons we can all understand and appreciate.  Thank you for all your kind words, you inspire me and others everyday!   If you have ever spoken to a therapist or someone who has studied … Continue reading Mourning a different kind of loss

The kiss of the white feather

This morning I awoke to sunshine filtering through my window looking out over  the fairytale garden, the birds were chirping with happiness in melody. Beautiful. I rolled out of bed and crawled down the stairs heading for the kitchen in need of my morning coffee and a seat in the garden with the special fairies. I sat outside for many moments filled with wonder.  The … Continue reading The kiss of the white feather

The Impulse to run and to run fast…

Some people are runners and others find their feet glued to the ground much  like looking down to see that your feet are embedded in a floor of cement with not even the toes showing. Those who have their feet solid on the floor often frown upon those that have the impulse to run.  They do not understand the reasons behind a runner or what … Continue reading The Impulse to run and to run fast…

Working winter to enjoy the Summer

I don’t know about you, but I suffer from the Winterassgrowth disease, yip you know the one where you get all cosy, eat more, less exercise and just be, that one.  Much like a squirrel storing its supplies for hibernation our bodies tend to hit this mode, anything we eat it keeps some back in “supplies” to keep our bodies warm. So if you are … Continue reading Working winter to enjoy the Summer

Slaying the Monsters

Self worth and love are interesting creatures.  When they aren’t present things  can turn nasty beyond our comprehension, the two silent killers. Think Godzilla with a bit of King Kong mixed in with Anaconda and Winnie the Pooh (sorry Pooh Bear). Monster 1: Nada-del-self-worth I am not worthy of their love I don’t deserve to be happy I don’t deserve the success The success I … Continue reading Slaying the Monsters