The Life of TIK

Jani just turned 43, she has 5 children and is the sole bread winner for her family.  Each day she goes to homes to clean in order to make enough money to feed her children and to put them through school.  Her eldest, Ami, was just 21 when a friend of hers uttered the words “Come on just one hit, feel what I feel, it … Continue reading The Life of TIK

Weekly Fruit Salad – Nummer elva

Nummer elva yip that is Number eleven in Swedish, pretty close to English in  a way but I bet in their normal script it has cool squiggles on some of the letters with pretty patterns to boot!  Number 11 with 83 posts linked… erm yeah more than last week, blame it on the new sharers!  No Peace for the wicked when you know a South … Continue reading Weekly Fruit Salad – Nummer elva

Sunshine, that’s what you are…

One of the things that people often don’t realise is just how much they are appreciated during those rough times.  When we’re in the mix we aren’t always able to thank those of you that help us, sometimes the words, the right words just don’t come.   So if you are someone that has helped someone though a rough patch, be it right this minute … Continue reading Sunshine, that’s what you are…

Healing a damaged knee and the soul

Have you ever noticed how when you hurt yourself you immediately start to protect that part of your body that is damaged? A small cut and a bandage goes on till it heals and all is fine again.  Hurt a muscle and it takes a while to heal, you may move differently to alleviate pain or stress on that area of the body.  Break a … Continue reading Healing a damaged knee and the soul