Be true… Be open… Live

First published Nov 1, 2007 How can life be as it is without the hearts of others, how can life be as it is without the symbolism of this world? In reality it is such a chaotic place to be, all the signals, messages and hearts beating different tunes. Have you ever walked into a crowed room and been overwhelmed by the internal noise of … Continue reading Be true… Be open… Live

A song to kick off 2009karamba

For those who have moments of going hmm for 2009 and what is to come, myself included… for you You say I know it’s a waste of timeThere’s no use tryingSo scared that life’s gonna pass you byYour spirit dyingNot long agoI could feel your strength and your devotionWhat was so clear, is now overcastWith mixed emotionsDeep in your heart is the answerFind it, I … Continue reading A song to kick off 2009karamba

Feel Good Inc

I haven’t heard this song in ages and Enreal  reminded me of it the other day (thank you thank you thank you!).  For me it’s one of those feel good vibey songs that get me standing up again.  See what you think. Hahahahahahahahaha, Sh-pah sh-pa, sh-pa, Feel good, [x9] City’s breaking down on a camel’s back. They just have to go ’cause they don’t know wack So … Continue reading Feel Good Inc