Balance and the Threads of Life

There is another DNA secquence that isn’t as obvious as the one discovered by the scientists.  The one that I talk of is the undercurrent, unspoken, often unthought of, more mysterious one.  Our DNA is fixed, we all have a unique set that may be similar to others but not exactly the same unless by chance we are a pure bred identical twin and even … Continue reading Balance and the Threads of Life

Self tanning for life

Yesterday while out walking I caught a glimpse of my newly tanned legs sporting shorts that I haven’t fitted in to for years and was so chuffed with myself! I can’t tell you how exciting it was the fact that the mere sight of my bare skin didn’t cause my eyes to get glare cramp. Yip, you know the one where you look at something … Continue reading Self tanning for life

Weekly Fruit Salad ~ Numero ng labinsiyam

Filipino is the language for the week, nineteen is the number for the week… I refuse to actually believe it has been that long so have reverted to living in denial!  First up huge HUGE (bigger text huge) apologies, I have been slacking but I think it was the proteins or perhaps the Ebola virus attacking the fruit… yip def an Ebola or at the … Continue reading Weekly Fruit Salad ~ Numero ng labinsiyam

Weekly Fruit Salad – αριθμό δεκαέξι

Greek once more this time for the number sixteen, repetition to honour a friend.   Small things add up really do add up, 1, 2, 3, soon become 100 [HELP], ok I am optimistic in the idea that I will not be fully gray by the time we reach that number. image

A lil something something about me which you all may not know.  Please, this is just between you and me (and I know people who know people that can vouch for this) but I have gone gray in the last month. I am gray and if I am not careful I’ll be inspiring Halftone Inspired Header’s. Weird? (that ones for you Sambo) Yeah I will deny this till I am blue in the face while I bow down to the Red-Nosed Spirits in The Mountain and hear the Call of the Smoke.  Pray be the Gods please Delete Focus, turn back the stressOclock! Mirror mirror on the wall, do you recognize the you that you see at all?

Look, I have decided, push comes to shove I am going to take the hair to the hair-doc-chopper tomorrow to give it a chop chop.  Can’t be having any Accidents at home no no most definitely not! Starbucks, Sticky Buns and Art versus Smoking time, what would Human Nature do? Is either Undefining Beauty?

dbrn324l10,000 Steps and Walking the tight rope of Zen while trying to Escape a Vampire of wanna-be-super (No one is perfect) proportions.  Gladius the vampire, hmm, does my existence on this earth matter to you? Perhaps it is Time to Signal Your Intentions and Say no to terrorism for the Love, for The Meaning of Life, say goodbye to Self Doubt, Awaken and Come Back To Life.  Lets put it this way, If Your Life Were A House … Would You Buy or Rent? Would it be in an Award Winning City?

The calm settles and Thoughts While I walked of Sky is Fallin’ Friend’s filtered through the brain cells.  Designing Your Dream can create a certain Humility bringing about ChangeThere are never any quick fixes in reality just a lot of hard work, living with an open heart, Compassion and Forgiveness.  The truth is that The light shines the brightest, you just have to allow it to shine.  Seek the Light and then ask yourself “Do You Miss Me?

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Knowing when to press Pause

Some days I just want to press Fast Forward never mind pressing Pause! Pause? What’s that? Come on, you have to be kidding! Pause? Bugger that sorry mate, catch a wake up and grab a stronger coffee because your current flava isn’t cutting it! Pause? Ok a few times I have sat back and searched high and low for the rewind button but generally that … Continue reading Knowing when to press Pause